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I really should be catching up on work, but this psychotic furball is begging for attention.

Last Minnesota sunrise I will be seeing for quite some time #GoodRiddance #GetMeOuttaHere

Drinking my scotch out of my favorite, as well as a very fitting, mug

My Xmas eve, if only I could fit my annoyingly judgemental and condescending mother it would fully encapsulate it

Caught the dog judging me too #Disapproving

beer won't get the job done with my family, scotch will though

Well the liquor store was out of makers, Johnnie will be getting me through this Xmas, small bottle = less judgement

Starting the night off with some jager shots

I really need to stop stomping on glasses at the bar, the boots aren't appreciating it

Lunch time with and #BroLunch #ManDate

Shots to start the night off


My work buddy is back

Damn, I was one good lookin kid

IM champion t-shirt, its official...

She's no daisy but this little fur ball can be my puppy replacement while I'm back home

Watching the sun rise over the clouds coming out of Boston was the only good thing about my 6am flight

just sayin

Lunch time! EmergenC in prep for this weekend and a handful of pills! Plus a protein bar I already ate

you want a glass? #ScotchyScotchScotch