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Canadian and Kahnawake lacrosse teams competing at the Zoological Gardens, Clifton, England, 1883

Via McCord Museum Archive. M2000.21.7.23

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In 1970, Legendary #UBC Coach Frank Gnup suggested that the #CIS switch to a giant football in order to attract more fans. He was voted down by the rest of the league.

UBC Archive 61.1 72-6 1970

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A Trench Football Game.

Via Imperial War Museum. EPH 2579

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Baseball game between the US Army and Canadian Army. Sept 22 1918.

Imperial War Museum. Art.IWM PST 13788

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As a baby Joe Shuster & his family visited Saskatoon. Is it possible the visit left an impression on the lad? There is something familiar about those logos on the uniforms.

We wonder if Geroy Simon will ask if the #Riders can wear these as a throwback jersey.

1904 University of Saskatchewan Huskies team photo via UofS Archives

#CFL #Riders #UofS #CIS

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During the 1904 season, Quebec Rugby Football Union adopted a rule of using a giant football. While fans loved that they could see the ball from the highest point in the stands, it made the traditional scrum a bit awkward.

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Billie Hallam, 1937 Miss Toronto wearing her Toronto Maple Leafs softball uniform.

Via Toronto Archives.

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Up until the 1949 rule book change involving standardized uniforms, the Hamilton WildCats had the best secondary in the league. #CFL #TiCats

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During his 1909 cross Canada tour, Lord Grey and his wife stopped in Regina for a reception. Many of the seats for the reception were purchased by a local travel company and many people complained that they couldn't get seats. Those who complained were told that it was just business and if they didn't like it, they didn't have to attend.

City of Regina Archives CORA-RPL-B-32

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In honour of Jaime Stein's fundraiser tonight, we present a baby with a beer. #BeerHikeTo

via Glenbow Museum M-9009-433-1

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circa 1914 Baseball Team at Officer Training Corp Base Bexhill. Featuring Capt. Thain Wendell Macdowell (seated third from left) and Cadet George Mullin (seated 6th from Left). Both later winners of the Victoria Cross.

In 1917, MacDowell won his Victoria Cross at Vimy Ridge, France and Mullin won his Victoria Cross at Passchendaele, Belgium

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Ticket from the 1958 football game in Philadelphia featuring Hamilton vs Ottawa. #CFL #TiCats

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Early football teams in Canada had many types of players and positions unfamiliar to modern #CFL fans. These include the Wing, Scrimmage, Rover, Snap and the ClownBack.

1936 McGill Football Game via Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.

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1918 Military Baseball Team

via City of Vancouver Archives CVA 99-635
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The 1968 Grey Cup was won by Ottawa when Calgary's kicker, Pierre Elliot Trudeau missed an easy field goal in the dying minutes. #CFL #Stampeders #RoughRiders

(Actually that was a photo from the 1969 Grey Cup in Montreal).

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After going 0-12 in 1949, the Hamilton Wildcats traveled to BC for what they thought was an exhibition game, instead the whole team was tossed over the Capilano Bridge.

In 1950, the Tigers and surviving Wildcats merged to become the Tiger Cats. #CFL

VPL 84436

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1973, Wilfrid Laurier attempted to create an all women's football team. The coaches realized that the women women were far too violent for football and left it for the more calm males.

(1973 Powder Puff Football Game during the Winter Carnival via Wilfrid Laurier Library)

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Canada's greatest baseball player was Jim 'Shorty' McGee, standing at only 3'6 inches, he hit over 100 home runs for Calgary in the 1891 season.

Via Glenbow Museum Archives pb-212-5

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Ranjit Mattu uses ancient Indian magics to try to come up with a game plan to defeat the Hamilton Wildcats in the Leader Post Championship. His magics failed as Mattu's Vancouver Blue #Bombers lose 14-11.

Ranjit Mattu was born in India in 1916 and came to BC in 1924. While at #UBC he was a star athlete excelling in both Rugby and Football. During the 40s he would go on to become a successful high school and #CFJL coach. In 1947, The Vancouver Blue Bombers captured the Leader Post Championship. They would return again in 1949 and 1950.

Photo via 84428B

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During the early days of Canadian Football, each team consisted of between 2-300 players per side. Seen here is the St. John's or possibly the Victoria Rugby Football Club.

From the Memorial University Archives Coll-137 HPNL0543

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