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With a lack of hotel rooms available, Regina entrepreneurs are racking in the dough providing 'luxury' accommodations for the GC101

(Len Norris - Vancouver Sun Nov 3, 1955. Actual comment - What's this I hear about you selling forty-three seats to the Grey Cup?

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The Toronto #Argos bench from the 38th Grey Cup #CFL

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A photo of the field conditions of the 1950 Mud Bowl. It was so muddy, this colour picture is in black and white.

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To finish off the weekend of racing here's a Motorcycle Race from 1911. #nonfootball. #zoom. via Toronto Archive

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Why can't cars these day look as cool? #nonfootballsaturday #molsonindy #zooom via Toronto Archive.

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1926 Car Race at Toronto's CNE. #MolsonIndy #nonfootballsaturday #zoooom via Toronto Archives

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1926 Car Race at Toronto's CNE. #MolsonIndy #nonfootballsaturday #zoooom via Toronto Archives

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Early attempt by #Rider fans to wear a watermelon fails miserably. After 3 games, they remembered the eye holes #cfl

modified without the permission of the artist Emmanuelle Brisson

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Perhaps the scariest team in 1959 football - The Clowns....

(1959 GC Parade via City of Toronto Archives)

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With Swayze Waters out for the #Argos, holder is forced to adapt to P/K Prefontaine's quirky style. #CFL

(Actual photo of #CFHOF member Hugh Gall and Jack Maynard from the 1910s.

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Happy Dominion Day! Live from Parliament Hill (provided you are in 1910) #CFL #CanadaDay

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Election poster for Lionel Conacher in 1948.

Via Toronto Archives. #CFL #Argos.

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After not winning a single game in 1938, the members of the Montreal Cubs were taken to Molson Stadium and set on fire by angry Montreal fans.

via Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec #CFL (Actually from McGill Rally in 1938)

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1961, Ottawa fails to make it to Grey Cup due to bad kicking by John Diefenbaker. #CFL

(1961 Grey Cup ceremonial kick off).

via City of Toronto Archives.

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Not only did McGill introduce Rugby to America on May 14th, 1874 at Harvard, they also introduce them to Quebecois strippers. #CFL (Photo is either from May 14/15 or from Harvard at McGill in Oct)

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After their 1942 Grey Cup win, Toronto RCAF Hurricanes were ordered to change their uniforms as they presented an unfair QB advantage. As seen in this picture, Toronto's uniforms provide their QBs have an obvious advantage over other teams.

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Made up of local Inuit players, the Sandwich Bay Scotsmen were the powerhouse of 1920s Newfoundland football #CFL

Via The Rooms Newfoundland Archives VA 16-34

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During WWII local football players had to push trucks around town to remind people that fascists hate football. Oddly enough, Jeff Giles almost picked that as the CFL's slogan in 1996.

Photo via City of Vancouver Archive CVA 1184-1454 Football Team pushing a Victory Bond float with Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. 1942

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The most feared #CFL team of all time were the 1898 High River Industrial School Face Pullers (from Calgary Tournament) <Possibly soccer>

Via University of Saskatchewan Archives.

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1917 Poster for Canada vs US Baseball Game for the benefit of The Canadian Widows and Orphan fund.

Imperial War Museum PST 13786.
#Baseball #MLB

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