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A rare sight from World War Two: an integrated U.S. Army football team.

Via The Imperial War Museum. #CFL #NFL

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This might explain Dan Hawkins coaching style, it was found in his office after he was fired by the #Als. #CFL

Produced in the 60s, the game featured a plinko style area to determine play results.
via canadian museum of civilization

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Game of Quoits, Toronto Aug 16, 1924. The game is similar to horseshoes & was a popular pastime #nonfootballwkend

via City of Toronto Archives.

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(Pedro is the mascot of the annual Panda Game between Carleton & University of Ottawa. #CIS #CFL. He was donated by a local jeweler in 1955.

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Able to fly 6 inches off the ground, Ron "Pepe" Latourelle was dangerous kick returner for the #Bombers between 1955-1964 #CFL

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In 1941, Vancouver Grizzlies joined the WRFU. After a losing season, the team was moved to Memphis, QB Damon Allen took the move hard. #CFL


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With a lack of hotel rooms available, Regina entrepreneurs are racking in the dough providing 'luxury' accommodations for the GC101

(Len Norris - Vancouver Sun Nov 3, 1955. Actual comment - What's this I hear about you selling forty-three seats to the Grey Cup?

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The Toronto #Argos bench from the 38th Grey Cup #CFL

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A photo of the field conditions of the 1950 Mud Bowl. It was so muddy, this colour picture is in black and white.

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To finish off the weekend of racing here's a Motorcycle Race from 1911. #nonfootball. #zoom. via Toronto Archive

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Why can't cars these day look as cool? #nonfootballsaturday #molsonindy #zooom via Toronto Archive.

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1926 Car Race at Toronto's CNE. #MolsonIndy #nonfootballsaturday #zoooom via Toronto Archives

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1926 Car Race at Toronto's CNE. #MolsonIndy #nonfootballsaturday #zoooom via Toronto Archives

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Early attempt by #Rider fans to wear a watermelon fails miserably. After 3 games, they remembered the eye holes #cfl

modified without the permission of the artist Emmanuelle Brisson

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Perhaps the scariest team in 1959 football - The Clowns....

(1959 GC Parade via City of Toronto Archives)

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With Swayze Waters out for the #Argos, holder is forced to adapt to P/K Prefontaine's quirky style. #CFL

(Actual photo of #CFHOF member Hugh Gall and Jack Maynard from the 1910s.

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Happy Dominion Day! Live from Parliament Hill (provided you are in 1910) #CFL #CanadaDay

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Election poster for Lionel Conacher in 1948.

Via Toronto Archives. #CFL #Argos.

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After not winning a single game in 1938, the members of the Montreal Cubs were taken to Molson Stadium and set on fire by angry Montreal fans.

via Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec #CFL (Actually from McGill Rally in 1938)

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1961, Ottawa fails to make it to Grey Cup due to bad kicking by John Diefenbaker. #CFL

(1961 Grey Cup ceremonial kick off).

via City of Toronto Archives.

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