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Happy Thanksgiving from #CFL History. Here is an action shot of from Today's #Riders vs #Alouettes game

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The Hamilton Alerts lasted 2 years in the ORFU, but disbaned as confused fans kept booing them thinking they were #Argos.
#TiCats #CFL
via Hamilton Public Library

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In 1954 due to budget issues, #UBC players were forced to use coaches for weights. #CFL #CIS

Bob McGavin pressing legendary #CIS coach Frank Grup over his head in 1954 publicity photo via UBC archives

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Rubber nose guards appeared in the 1880s, it would take another 10 years before someone figured it would work better in their pants. #CFL

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In order to stop its decreasing attendance, the #Argos have a new sponsor which will appeal to all the cool kids #CFL

du Maurier ad Toronto Life 1969

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Oddly enough, tickets for #Bomber games can still only be gotten at the stadium or The Grain Exchange Cigar Stand #CFL

Winnipeg Evening Tribune Nov 8 1941

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Its obvious why the 1948 went undefeated. Look at the size of their heads! They're monsters!

#CFL via Glenbow Museum

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Man is that guy gullible! Lat year he bought the Brooklyn Bridge - this year he bought seasons tickets to the Eskimos Game!

Edd Ulushak Sept 10 1970

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Not everyone was excited by the forward pass as they are now.
Apparently with how they are dropping the pass, the #CFL East are no longer into them either.

Charles Templeton

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Hrm what would happen if the #CFL played the #NFL? What rules would confuse people?

Well it happened in 1959 when the Argos played the Cardinals and lost 55-26

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Nothing better than a good Roger Aldag joke #CFL

Get Fuzzy May 9, 2008

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In honour of the weather in Calgary we present Graham Haroop's cartoon from Grey Cup Nov 17 2006

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More reason why the #CFL West is beating the east: In the east its all Lattes, in the west it is milk.

via Glenbow Museum Archive

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#CFL History has learned the reason behind the success of the west division this season. They had a manual!

1954 Tony Allan Story of the West's quest for the Grey Cup

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More Peter Whalley from Macleans Magazine

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Macleans Magazine - Peter Whalley

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During the lean years,The #Carleton Ravens were forced to scrimmage without pads or even shirts. #CFL #CIS

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Aug 14 1914 England declares war on Germany and Canada goes to war.

City of Toronto Archives

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Before having to resign from the Sask. Legislature in shame, Gainer the Gopher was the MLA for Cypress Hills Saskatchewan.

#CFL #Riders #Saskatchewan

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It was after pulling his groin during a 1957 ceremonial kick-off that former #UofT football coach Lester B Pearson, came up with the idea of universal health care #CFL

1957 #UofT vs #UWO #CIS

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