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Community organizer, policy junkie, Vespa rider, Kansas Citian to the bone

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leads #captherate #raisethewage spokesperson training: "This is not hippie economics."

on action for immigration reform #leadershipassembly

You only get as much justice as you have the power to compel. CCO Regional Organizing Director Damon Daniel leads a training on power in action. #leadershipassembly

Mr. David Ross testifies to the #Lifelines to Hope and Healing Summit at Faith Deliverance on 7/21 and 7/22.

Bus captain Robin Acree of pumps up the troops for #99power action. #solidarity w #npa2012

En route to direct action w #99power to put people first! joins partners at #npa2012

Loan shark throwing cash during #npa2012 payday skit #captherate

Signs for #npa2012 payday skit #captherare

Rabbi Levin "whom do we put outside of the healthcare gate?" #bhrh

Rabbi Levin "whom do we put outside of the healthcare gate?" #bhrh

Joplin MO, where the payday loan sharks set up after the tornado and sucked our people dry. This can't stand, MO. #captherate

Rabbi Levin: "How do we change lives?" #bhrh

Prep for Show Me #EconomicDignity Action. Will you be there? #raisethewage #captherate

Got tech? does. Plenty of ways to tweet about today's #clergycanvass to #captherate and #raisethewage.

Ezekiel revival press conference in front of payday loan shop. Economic dignity: cap the rate and raise the wage!

Fr. Steve Cook says we need 10,000 signatures pledged tonight. "Its time to put meat to the bones!"

God expects more from us....we need 30,000 sign nature's. What are you going to do? - Rev Deth Im.

Rev Deth Im: Let's tell the truth--minimum wage only earns a working family $290 a week. Is it any wonder people need payday loans to make ends meet?

I've got to tell you, its not going to be easy. Because we're trying to set captives free. - Rev Soaries

There's something wrong in America when we can spend enough money to put a man in the moon but we can't put a family on their feet. - Rev Soaries

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