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Gloria, age 9, with her lawyer, Marie Elise Gbedo (left) and her mother, Pauline (right). When her parents separated, Gloria was sent to live with her grandmother who starved her and forced he to do all of the household chores. She often was left outside, exposed to the elements for hours on end.

CARE's EMPOWER program returned Gloria to her mother's care and helped nurse her back to health, saving her from malnutrition.

Credits: 2010 Wabi Obadimedji/CARE

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Jollie was raped in the midst of fighting in the Democratic Republic of the #Congo and had a baby as a result.

Photo: 2012 Kate Holt/CARE

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A new father learns to bathe an infant in India as part of a CARE training. CARE found that new fathers desperately wanted to know more about maternal and newborn care, but were too ashamed to ask. So, CARE set up public demonstrations in school yards as part of health fairs - complete with prizes for the most skilled new dads!

The public dimension of the training showed men they didn't have to be ashamed of their role as care givers. Our hope is that this small step will lead to more shared child care responsibilities, more shared decision making and healthier moms and newborns.

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2013 Brett Morton/CARE

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2013 Paul Dillon/CARE

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"I had kidney stones", says Mohammad. "Without the salary my wife earned under CIIP, I would not have been able to get a surgery. I am eternally grateful to her." He added, "Her work under this project changed our life. Now we take joint decisions on family issues."

2012 Wolfgang Gressman/CARE

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2012 Brett Morton/CARE

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2012 Sabine Wilke/CARE

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2012 Kate Holt/CARE

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2012 Thomas Schwarz/CARE

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2012 Sabine Wilke/CARE

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2012 Sabine Wilke/CARE

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2012 Wolfgang Gressman/CARE

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2012 Sabine Wilke/CARE

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In addition to standard academics, Shailesh, who attends CARE's Udaan school, learns about areas of self, family, society and institutions and how she can be a force for change in her community.

Photo: 2008 Valenda Campbell/CARE

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Fatmata Mansaray is a CARE Community Growth Promoter in Sierra Leone. She volunteers 9 hours per week, along with her husband, Saio Sawaneh, to help women in the community learn better health practices such as exclusive breast feeding, mosquito control and use of mosquito nets, and hygiene for their families to help children grow healthy and strong.

Photo: 2008 Carol Sutherland/CARE

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A savings and loan group in Nyamaga, Rwanda welcomes visiting CARE staff. CARE developed the village savings and loan model in 1991, allowing community members to pool their resources to create a village bank.

2008 Miguel Samper/CARE

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Your gift to help families like Fatuma's today will be matched, dollar for dollar, so you can empower even more of the world's poorest people. Donate now:

2011 Evelyn Hockstein/CARE

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Donate now and your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar:

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Donate now to help end the violence:

Photo: 2012 Kate Holt/CARE

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