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2012 Paul Towne/CARE

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This is the only "toy" kids in a home day care in Rwanda have to play with. The parents made it out of trash from the local dump. When this was photographed, the children were scooping sand from the ground with an empty cigarette carton.

Photo: 2012 Paul Towne/CARE

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2012 Josh Estey/CARE

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2011 Kate Holt/CARE

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2012 Josh Estey/CARE

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Nguyen Thi Ouyet and her daughter next to their clay water container at their home in Vietnam. Ouyet is a widow and mother of three children. Now that she has the jar, Ouyet can provide her children with safe drinking water and is freed up from collecting water at the river outside of town.

Photo: 2011 Josh Estey/CARE

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2012 Josh Estey/CARE

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Red eyed from insomnia, still covered in the black burqa imposed by armed groups, Awa (right) has a sad story to share. As she is still very distressed, it is Assan (left), her sister, who tells CARE Awa’s story.

“After the January shooting in Diabaly, my sister Awa walked nearly 100 miles from Diabaly to Sibirila with two of her children and eight other unaccompanied children.

Traumatized by the events in Diabaly, she doesn’t talk much now, and she is not her usual self. She is currently receiving medical treatment so that she can better deal with her distress.

Things are tough for us now with having to look after all the children as well.”

Photo: 2013 CARE

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This is a poster from a CARE Peru project that brings together teenage girls and boys to talk and relate, share stories and better understand and respect each other. Through the project, teenagers improve their attitudes and behaviors, with the ultimate goal of creating a more responsible masculinity, in particularly addressing social attitudes around gender-based violence. Translation: "From teenagers to equitable men."

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These are students at a Cambodian primary school in the Krola Village. CARE has implemented a program where the students learn both their indigenous language and Khmer, the national language so they an easily transition to the state-run secondary school system.

Photo: 2012 Laura Hill/CARE

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2012 Laura Hill/CARE

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Rep. Betty Mccollum visits a health center while traveling through Tanzania with CARE. The USAID funded center offers maternal, newborn and child health services to more than 80,000 residents.

Photo: 2013 Josh Estey/CARE

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Senator Coons meets with a CARE HIV/AIDS support group member in her home in South Africa. Group members share resources, allowing them to essentially live healthy & prosperous lives.

Photo: 2013 Ilan Godrey/CARE

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Margaret Mlokozi (with sunglasses) teaches a group savings member to dye fabric in Tanzania. Margaret's a teacher as part of program to help women produce & sell local products.

Photo: 2013 Khamar Y. Kashoro

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CARE board member Leila Janah meets Viviane, who was sold into domestic labor at age 10 and then into child marriage at age 14. She is now part of a CARE program in Benin to reduce gender-based violence. She is training to be a baker.

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On Feb. 15, a CARE delegation met 15-year-old Eliza Sokoroti in Tanzania. Last year, Eliza found out that her father was trying to sell her into child marriage in exchange for 12 cows.

Luckily, Eliza is part of a CARE program that helps marginalized children, especially girls, in pastoralist communities access an education. Upon hearing of the pending marriage, Eliza immediately told her teacher who was able to talk her father out of the marriage.

Today, Eliza is safely in school. She hopes to one day become a nurse so she can care for her elderly grandmother. "I want to see my future first. I want to see my studies end and then marry," she says.

Photo Credits: 2013 Duncan Cameron

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2012 Brett Morton/CARE

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This woman was shot in the leg when she fled fighting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Here, she has her wound cleaned without anesthetic as the hospital can't afford it.

Credits: 2012 Kate Holt/CARE

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Madame Salima (center front), age 50, is a leader in her community. She and the members of her women's group, who transform sorghum and millet into local beer, are finally able to speak openly about gender based violence, thanks to the work of CARE's EMPOWER project.

Credits: 2010 Marie-Noele Egounleti/CARE

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