CARE fights global poverty with an emphasis on empowering women and girls with education, and maternal health and microfinance resources!

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Angie lives in a 1 bedroom house with 7-9 family members in Honduras and does most of the housework, but she is determined to stay in school. However, she is being pressured to drop out and become a child bride. #CAREart

Photo: 2013 Allen Clinton/CARE

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In the country of Georgia, when asked to paint a portrait of someone they admire, one of the CARE students chose John Lennon.

Photo: 2013 Karen Robbins/CARE

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2013 Tom Greenwood/CARE

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Photos: 2013 Sabine Wilke/CARE

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Photo: 2013 Tom Greenwood/CARE

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2012 Josh Estey/CARE

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We're looking forward to baby Louisa's 5th birthday in a few years. Why? Because she is likely to have one. By checking in at a health clinic, her parents are taking crucial steps to assuring she won't be one of the 7 million children younger than 5 who will die this year. Click to see what we're doing to prevent child and infant deaths:

Photo: 2012 Erin Lubin/CARE

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Muna, a 65-year-old widow who came to Jordan alone, brought the keys to her house. "They're useless," she says. "It just has sentimental value now. They symbolize the home I worked 50 years for."

Photo: 2013 Jenny Matthews/CARE

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Yousra and Mahmoud brought various medications purchased for their 4.5 month old daughter.

"We are worried about the baby." says Yousra. "She is very precious to us as we have already had one taken from us. She has been sick while we have been in Jordan and we went to one hospital but they wanted 100JD to treat her but we didn’t have it.”

Yousra was forced to stand in front of the mosque and beg until someone helped her. After they paid for her to be treated the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her. They tried lots of different medicines but nothing worked.

“We have now been told that she has chronic bronchitis – this is why we can’t live in the camp – it’s dusty and would be bad for her. I am afraid that if we go there she would die. "

(© 2013 Jenny Matthews/CARE)

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Here's a history lesson for you. Did you know that we coined the term "care package" when 22 American charities came together to form CARE? We got our start by delivering CARE packages to war-torn Europe in 1946.

Many CARE package recipients became long-time supporters of CARE, like Marta Edie (left) who received a CARE package from her future husband while she was living in Germany. To this day, she still enjoys the same brand of cream crackers (Jacob's) that she received in her package!

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2013 Adel Sarkozi/CARE

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2013 Kate Holt/CARE

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In May, 1946, CARE coined the term "care package" when we delivered CARE packages to war-torn Europe. Yesterday, we held an anniversary celebration at our Atlanta headquarters where we were tasked with this CARE package quiz. This sheet belongs to one of our staffers. She got 4 right - and 6 wrong. Can you figure out the correct answers? Hint - read about our history:

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This happy mom and baby are now healthy after CARE's feeding program in Chad. These smiles are what keep us going in our global fight against poverty!

Photo: 2012 Barbara Jackson/CARE

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Photo by Deniz Kabuloglu who is living below the line for CARE!

See more of his work:

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2012 Paul Towne/CARE

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2010 Frederick Yamba/CARE

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2010 Brendan Bannon/CARE

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