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2013 Sandra Bulling/CARE

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2013 Sandra Bulling/CARE

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Photo: 2013 Aliyah Sarkar/CARE

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2013 CARE

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2013 CARE

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2013 CARE

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Six-year-old Rami's leg was almost amputated after a bomb fell on the family's roof in Syria. His mother was also injured. Thankfully, Rami's leg was saved and he can walk again, but his mother still can't. The family has since fled to Jordan, where they are in need of emergency aid. Please donate now to help families like Rami's:

Photo: 2013 Laura Sheahen/CARE

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Today, CARE CEO Helene Gayle visited Rawda and her children, who are Syrian refugees living in Jordan. Rawda teared up as she told Dr. Gayle about losing her husband during a bomb blast in Syria, and struggling as a widowed mother of 5.

But, there is good news! Although Rawda was initially told all of the schools in Jordan were full, following a CARE visit that brought the family's situation to the attention of the community, the children are now enrolled! Dr. Gayle was so thrilled that she brought the children gifts, which mostly consisted of school supplies for the new school year.

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2013 Jake Lyell/CARE

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2013 Adel Sarkozi/CARE

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Hanadi, a Syrian woman who has been wheelchair-bound most of her life, escaped Syria's civil war and now lives on the fourth floor of an apartment building with no elevator in Jordan. She uses her hands to go down the stairs several times a week to visit others.

2013 Laura Sheahen/CARE

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Izeddin, age 7, was wounded when a bomb blast hit the family's apartment building in Syria. The ceiling collapsed while he was asleep and pieces struck his head. He is now physically and mentally disabled. His family has since fled Syria and now lives in Jordan.

2013 Laura Sheahen/CARE

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2013 Allen Clinton/CARE

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Drawing by Hanan, a Syrian refugee girl living in Amman, Jordan. She describes the object on the top right and top left as "an eye crying."

Photo: 2013 Laura Sheahen/CARE

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13-year-old Karisma, who attends a CARE accelerated learning school in India, aspires to become a doctor. However, after making some beautiful art with our staff, she now hopes to be an art teacher on the side.

Photo: 2013 Allen Clinton/CARE

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Syrian refugees Nada and Houria live with their 6 children in a poor neighborhood in Beirut. The two families sleep on mattresses on the floor and have access to drinking water once a day (they keep it in the bathtub).

The electric installation is old and hacked into by all the new tenants: regular fires, smoke and smell lead to everyone panicking in the overpopulated building.

Photo: 2013 CARE

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In Madagascar, many of the girls drew pictures of schools. Because CARE now offers meals in school, many girls are able to attend who otherwise would be too hungry to come to class.

In honor of the 2013 #DayoftheGirl in October, our staff are gathering paintings from girls who, thanks to CARE, are getting an education. Follow #CAREart to share their journeys, and see how the girls chose to portray the impact CARE has had on their lives in their art.

Photo: 2013 Jeff Hauk/CARE

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A 10-year-old child bride pleads for a divorce from her abusive husband. Her case has a ripple effect around the world:

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2013 Allen Clinton/CARE

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2013 Jake Lyell/CARE

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