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Soooooooo bright!!!

Since put his playoff bracket up from the thread... 2013 Playoffs

Tell me which tweet is funny in this picture...

I need an updated chart but this is quite disturbing.

sir, attempting to download the new upgrade for Blaq but having trouble is anyone else having this issue.

This is quite frustrating... Why is my damn division so fucking competitive???

This person kicked my ass in Fantasy Football.. Got damn!!!!!

Had to get whoever the fuck this is up outta there in fantasy football

don't you dare... Just let it be. Aren't you supposed to be sleep anyways???

Took Harper to the park... Shit was stressful. It's kind of dangerous!!!

It's Hook Em horns and we love you until... I'm sleep though.

We had a Communist liar speaking last night, who was... Never mind.

Ummmmmmmm this looked like a shot at WOMEN... How are these people friends on my Facebook?

Jacob Hernandez has his own day in Magnolia...

Two different views... Lol

Still funny to me...

Hey ladies... How does your uter... Never mind.

RT : You dread head niggas in Florida better stay in line. - I'm sleep

Nash just got kicked in the shin?? That shit still hurts though. Gotta rub it like Peter Griffin.

RT : Wait y'all killed that girl about the chin... But I'd still get it in

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