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#np If You're Ready to Learn - Brian McKnight

Inma set out mad thirst traps and be like

RT : my butt still dumpin! those pants were just tight.

RT : Not going to drink anymore until New Years Eve

RT : Cuffin season is real...smh you niggas are sick

I still wanna know who sent me this love letter the first week of school

RT : Freshman hoes to senior saints, Hakuna mutata, The Circle of Life

RT : you like that, don't you

Lmfao RT : Sefolosha is Cam Calderon durin the offseason

How im feeling right now -->

My foot is bigger this TV

nothing beats this tho

He has more to teach if you are ready to learn RT : Brian McKnight is still acting up.

RT : Birds are constantly shitting on my new car #disrespectful

RT : #HonestyHour I'm a proud virgin ^_^

&& why am i just seeing this shyt?? Lmfao i keep hearing it in ur pops voice. My ribs hurt from laughing