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Who's got two thumbs and is missing a brand new iPod and car window? This guy.

  • 1818 days ago via phone
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For : I do indeed have a mini-me. Although he's not so mini anymore.

  • 1819 days ago via site
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I no longer need to wonder "what would Gene Simmons do?" Because he tells me.

  • 1825 days ago via phone
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I take office safety very seriously.

  • 1825 days ago via phone
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Fury takes time to work on his first comic book while waiting for Avatar 3D. #heypublishers !

  • 1828 days ago via phone
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Santa and Rancor wishing all of you a merry Christmas!

  • 1829 days ago via phone
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In exactly 10 hrs and as many beers, this will become dinner for 14. #cookingwhileintoxicated

  • 1830 days ago via phone
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Figures. The day I ropeburn the skin off a finger is the day I have to chop a mountain of onions.

  • 1830 days ago via phone
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Fact: those who doodle during meetings retain more. Theory: those who doodle ninja stars are awesome.

  • 1831 days ago via phone
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If you want something done, draw flames around it #productivitysecretsrevealed

  • 1832 days ago via phone
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Ninjas attack Santa! Luckily he dresses in layers.

  • 1832 days ago via phone
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FAIL for the WIN

  • 1839 days ago via phone
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Because you're too lazy to move your arms up and down.

  • 1841 days ago via phone
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Owner @ Chinese restaurant brought me this picture and asked me if my big bro was this guy on left (some famous chinese guy). Scary - that is me in 10 yrs.

  • 1844 days ago via site
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I still need to film the part where I dance, but the food is done (baked not fried) for my #tastemaker video. Proof.

  • 1853 days ago via site
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Time to get him his own Flickr account.

  • 1856 days ago via phone
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Teaching Fury the art of punching a cigar. #culturenotcorruption

  • 1858 days ago via phone
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All we need to worry about is road rash.

  • 1858 days ago via phone
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Now a rugby match. "I wanna play this in college. " We sure are finding random things today.

  • 1863 days ago via phone
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Parade blocks the way to IHOP. Great impromtu cultural experience marred by grumbling tummy.

  • 1863 days ago via phone
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