Vodka & chocolate helped me survive Canucks SCF game 7 losses in '94 & '11. Burrows is my boy. Fuck off Trolls. #Embracethehate #BWC

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My dog in comfy....

Dude, how do you do this?!??! Brrrrr!!

Squirrel eating breakfast in my backyard. "How u doin'?"

2 inches in Surrey! BOOM!

The kids first purchase with his Xmas money....#Canucks


What a painful scene....

Getting REALLY sick of this freakin' weather 'pattern'...

Told my dog, Bunny, it was time for a bath, found her hiding under a pillow and blanket:

THIS GUY, PASS IT TO HIM!! #PassItToKesler #Canucks

But you'll probably look like this after:

This guy should be easy to catch regardless :

Why they had to invent Seasonal Affective Disorder:

Proof that 's owner not the only one w/ gambling problem.

I have proof that is just a big softy that loves Christmas:

When ur kids Christmas List looks like this, u know you've failed as a parent. #Kane #Canucks

's stupid sidekick Leonard.

I'm just worried that if u keep up yer bird eating ways that you'll end up like this--


Aim high , I dare ya!