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Mt Hamilton summit via my own two legs & Kyseriums. Proud. Tired. Toast.

Two things I bought yesterday that tell you a lot about me.

Blew a gasket setting up new computer w/ files migrated from old. Cursed while "talking" w/ "senior technical support"

Might not have been my brightest spontaneous purchase, but how about this $40 used table for a desk in new office?

Hello there triple macchiato with extra foam... and how are YOU today?! :-)

Functional art? Or just bored...

I had lame shift, barely got any screams. w/ less t&t'rs we were still the hit of our st. Security camera proof

Just to prove it - Halloween is on!

To remove the screws or not to, that is the question. (says girl in surgeons office wondering...)

Cyclist in #fortCollins? Might like this house w/4 car garage to store bikes! Open Sundy 9:30-11:30 534 Del Clair.

Here's my parents solution to not getting mail anymore at their oLd residence (the house I own) #crazyOldFarts

PS- we have great seats at speaker series. I suggest attending- never a disappointment

VIP Crank Bros tent w/ show directr waiting for rain & flash flood warnings to subside #Interbike #outdoorDirtDemo

Best show in Vegas "mother Nature" started at 2:45 am. #Interbike

First class seats to Vegas are kinda small :-)

Yesterday I definitely borrowed some fun from today. Was a very fun beautiful champagne filled wedding

Best I could do in my state of mind...

Denver airport displaying bicycle on each baggage carousel

Seriously. Does this look look somebody that wants to leave?

(Beautiful) Raw food lunch - good for my soul!

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