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"normally I'm sitting on a fat cock but today I'm pushing a giant tire down the street for no reason while talking to you on my bluetooth. Yeah, I'll hold."

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Just your typical Asian "luxury" customer

it's all about the euro machines now


Holy shit you guys!!! They didn't have these in Milan y'all


I found Susan's Dutch cousin and we're doing a quick road trip lol

International relations

i want a skinny evian latte with pellegrino light ice, no whipped cream please.

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it's very important to share love and respect from one fur hag to another

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I am extremely allergic to this shoe style.

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after valentino, cigarettes are a must during tuileries walk of shame

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hi guys

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if you're in the philippines, grab a copy of spark magazine. me and my gurls and are on the cover. :-)

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played with travelocity's top secret hotels by writing prices on paper, cutting it out then picking one from a bag

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apres-vuitton escargot powow with the girls. this is my signature face. (posted a wrong pic earlier)

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living for the ultra big hair at moncler gamme rouge

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sisterhood of the traveling veiled beanie at kanye west. on a side now, why was i double fisting?

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Homeless lady in Balenciaga, Celine, and what could be the $32,000 croc The Row backpack

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