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Octagon announcer for the UFC... semi-pro Poker player... film buff, surfer... favorite sport is MMA/UFC

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Changed tables n now have 80,000 chips... "IT'S TIME!"... YES!!!

Don't screw with me at the WSOP poker table. I am serious. "Warrior Spirit Will Prevail!"

Chippin up... Feelin Great... Playin Well... Long way to go! Cheers to All! Buff

Wearg Silver Star Goin to War on the Green Felt Battle-Field of World Series of Poker 4 the $Gold$

We hav begun. Just laid down AJ on flop J62 when I bet 700 n he re raised 2000. He had set 6's! GLD

Live from the "Buffer High Stakes Poker Lounge n square off!

The Iceman Chuck Liddell has chips n is out for the Gold at the Buffer Poker Room !!!

Round 5 is releasing limited edition 3 action figure set w me n 2 fighters @ Boston Fan Expo! NICE!

I will see all of u 2nite 4 War on the rust color'd felt at my Poker Lounge . Cheers, Buff

Silver Star is blowing up! Check out my Signature Tee n more at Cheers!

Love it, I was named in "Top 10 MMA Stars who should be on Dancing With the Stars" LOL, I'm Ready!!!

At Rio in cash game. My table is tight so time to jack up the $price of play$ n light these boys up!

Tito, I hope you can party n play at grand opening of my new "Buffer Poker Lounge" at Luxor Hotel July 2nd! Buff

My shirt is available in stores n at Enjoy n Thanks!!!

Buffer Poker Lounge opening at Luxor Hotel making noise in the press in Vegas Seven Mag! Sweet!

Announcing Quarry, Barry, Cain, Swick, Hardy, Grey n Stevenson who r about to go to War THQ at E3.

My Signature Silver Star shirt is selling now at

Love the big motor home they gave me 4 today's shoot right beside Shaq n my bro. Mine's bigger, LOL!

More planned Sunday too I'm told. Stay tuned as I'm waitg for formal announcement soon.

Chuck is a Warrior to the end... Looks great n "IT'S TIME" to celebrate life at his after parry!