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These custom gaming peripherals for games consoles have really gone to far. #prostatehero

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Looks like #Leicester is descending into the worst sort of criminality

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Anyone able to make out the second line of text? From here -

  • 1078 days ago via site
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The remains of a Hip Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopter shot down over the the Turkey/Syria border, via

  • 1078 days ago via site
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Here's a cropped version of the photograph of the letter given to Ban Ki-Moon confirming sarin was used

  • 1078 days ago via site
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This is supposedly a Sharia court house run by ISIS outside of Aleppo. Subtle paint job.

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I'm desperately trying to ID whatever this part of the UMLACA is, I'd really appreciate any help anyone can give.

  • 1084 days ago via site
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Here's an early preview of something I'm working on getting put together (in more than one sense) #Syria #UMLACA

  • 1085 days ago via site
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Here's the outer edge of the front and rear baseplate of the UMLACA, note the machined groves around the ages 1/2

  • 1087 days ago via site
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And if you look at the close up pictures of the base of the warhead you can see a 3 pin plug connector 5/5

  • 1088 days ago via site
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Hmm, from French Intel - The rocket artillery, including 302 and 320 mm, for
to deliver mustard gas, sarin or VX

  • 1092 days ago via site
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Here's a preview of my next post on the mystery chemical attack linked munitions #Syria

  • 1095 days ago via site
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ANNA also has a tendency to overlook really interesting things, like the box in the bottom left

  • 1095 days ago via site
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ANNA is great at catching certain unique things, like this first example of M79 Osa rounds boxed for transport

  • 1095 days ago via site
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If anyone has the original source of this screen grab it would be extremely helpful, it's an Iranian Falaq-2

  • 1097 days ago via site
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If anyone can ID, part of the weapons linked to the alleged chemical attack, it would be very useful indeed

  • 1098 days ago via site
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This is one of the munitions captured by the opposition in Khanasser, does anyone recognise the specific make?

  • 1098 days ago via site
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Cluster bomblets and DIY grenades, part of the "chemical weapon" cache from State TV

  • 1100 days ago via site
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Another interesting piece of these CW linked munitions, this has been photographed with 2 of them, possible fuze?

  • 1102 days ago via site
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In the case of the Homs munition, which I believe is a different, explosive, payload, both section are numbered

  • 1102 days ago via site
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