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Here's what it looks like to vote in downtown Nairobi. Considerably better than in parts of Florida, methinks.

Dogs the best.

Stay classy, U.S.A.

Thank you, , for making me smarter.

Paul Ryan may have looked stone-cold on the outside, but inside...

"Her defiance spurred a movement that advanced our journey toward justice and equality for all.” - |


Channel 7 News the best.

Can't wait for Spielberg to announce Jurassic Park prequel film: TyRambosaurus Rex. |

Someone please call and let her know I'm gonna be late for dinner. I'm stuck in the 9th circle of hell. OMG

Any dudes, though?

Labrador retrievers. Sort of.

Imagine little Emily brings this dude home from college, the world record holder for facial piercings (280).

Yeah, so... the largest male bicep in the world belongs to Moustafa Adel Ismail of Egypt. Here it is.

#NowPrepping salt-encrusted prime rib for XMas Eve dinner. Zuppa di Pesce w/ shrimp, lobster, mussels & scallops, too.

If any of , or guess this movie, I'll be shocked. That said, it's PERFECT for #SMTA.

#NowParenting by taking little man to get tubes in his ears.

It's moments like these that , and live for. #SMTA

Just crushed this tomato basil with lobster that whipped up. I am a lucky man.