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Freaking weather today!! going out to enjoy it!! #TwitPict

Rob see what happens to your IPhone when u don't invest in a good case??!!... all cracked #TwitPict

Blue one and then no blue one.. tho some time passes cause she doesn't have the hoodie in 1st one #TwitPict

nooooo this is the closest I've been to winning this damn level... so fucking close #TwitPict

esta seria mas o menos la zona donde fue la herida #TwitPict

So now that its her bday all around the world, Happy Birthday Kristen keep being the way u are!! <3 #TwitPict

Off to bed! hoping for goodies tomorrow! Happy Birthday Kristen #TwitPict

Trending Worldwide! Happy Birthday Kristen #TwitPict

Website still down so now this...!!! #TwitPict

since movie site is down guess I'm watching this!!! #TwitPict

here is a pic comparing old pic and screencap from today #TwitPict

their hand holding :3 #TwitPict

watching BD AGAIN!!!! #TwitPict

Live love them!!! #TwitPict

My sister's response!!! lol #TwitPict

This one they sure like to lick body parts!!! #TwitPict

noo just got an email from Jammin Java about Marcus show tomorrow.. thanks for reminding me I cant go #TwitPict

Seems like I keep enjoying getting chunks out of my right hand everynow and then -_- window this time #TwitPict

Look at this!! hehe no more Dog!!! #TwitPict

This baby just got here!!!!!! if only I had part 2 coming my way too! #TwitPict