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Holy shit! We've made it to 52 cards on Mushroom!

By the gods... I just got carded at Target buying this

Finally! I can check this off my "To Drink" list. And yeah, no good.

In Orange Cove on the Blossom Trail. Looks like you can dance here now!

I want my Google Fiber #fiberfresno

Props to for these cool ass Fresno buttons. Peep them

My plans for tonight involve a couple of comrades & a Corey. Fun fact: Never seen the movie.

Killing time at Stones by posting this pic of my drink. Side note: There's pepper on the table

At Best Buy for the first time in a long time. Now leaving my purchases and walking out the door because of this shit

My Mighty Muggs recreation of the Iron Man 2 teaser poster

Monty wanted to help me order at Starbucks so I let him

Today's time in the microwave: One minute twenty one. Still had some casualties. DAMN YOOZ!

My desk now has two guardians to make sure nobody touches my shit

Wasted potential sucks. Especially when I'm hungry.

Been getting free stuff at work all day today! So far one of the better Mondays to date.

About to get HELLA fucked up on this!!

This cute little guy took my order at the Starbucks drive-thru. I kinda wanted to take it home with me.

If anyone needs to grab the last of the Mighty Muggs, Toys R Us in Clovis has them

In the editing bay with and working on our Lookee Loo entry. Deadline is midnight!

Here's the lady was talking about... SEXXYYYY!!