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I found my Malibu Grand Prix racing license! I hope it's still valid.

I found my racing license! I hope it's still valid.

Just spent the last 45 mins. trying to capture this intruder. Mission accomplished!

Dude, she's way off!

Nothing like a Memorial Day piñata.

Going through boxes at home. Among the cool stuff found: Etch-A-Sketch, unopened bottle of Orbitz & Voltron toy.

Mayfair: Gotta love that you can find porn in the gutter when you walk your dog here.

View from on top of the CA Academy Of Science

The Colonel is now offering relationship advice. KFC is awesome!

The view from our room is AMAZING!

You haven't lived until you eat a meat cone.

Just ate some clam chowder here. It was "meh"

Holy shit! Just saw my first Tesla Roaster. Amazing car!

Nyup! San Francisco, I'm here!

My favorite piece of movie swag in a long time: the top from "Inception" Thanks, Warner Bros.

They have them at Urban Outfitters!

Almost done! I think we're doing all the work for this guy!

Yes, there will be mini horses!

Just tapped my first keg, getting ready for our company picnic! We're trying ready hard to contain ourselves.

1st draft done and I'm off! Thanks, Denny's Downtown, you've been a wonderful host!