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Love most things horror related. Learning special effects make-up mainly so I can rob banks and get away with it... Also like to sketch and paint sometimes..

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Just found this little chap in the garden! How cool? I'm thinking he'll grow into a moth of some kind. Anyone know? :)

Here we go ... :D

I've got it earmarked on Amazon already :D There's this other with great artwork that claims to be uncut?

It would be so much quicker getting out if the house if I didn't have to constantly negotiate this ...

He is isn't he? :D I was imagining a sort of sly grave robber loom. More like the John Barrymore Hyde?

Thanks to I can celebrate Ray Harryhausen's birthday in style :)

I have no idea what you mean!! :0 (hehe .. blue tits ... *snigger*) :D

This is the version I had ... Look familiar? Ahh happy days :)

Check out this gorgeous artwork I won in a comp :)

Thanks sooo much for my amazing artwork! Meant to thank you before but completely forgot. Love it! :)

My Dead Hooker In A Trunk DVD has just arrived! Hope I can get it watched tonight :D #deadhookerinatrunk

It's arrived! :D Thanks man

You know those little bamboo things you put in a vase in the bathroom? Well mine's actually a beanstalk...

She is alive, believe it or not :D

Bit frustrating to be honest. Going to have to separate pieces soon so will have to re do a lot of the detail.

Home finally after delish chicken pie. What ya think?

Home finally after delish chicken pie. What ya think?

I'm home finally after delish chicken pie. What ya think?

Here's yesterday's results..

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