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Sometimes you need to fall completely apart before you can start to pick the pieces of yourself back up.

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Laying in bed trying to sleep when this little booger sticks her paw under me and lays down.

I rescued !! #imahero

Then dis bitch laying on me. Alllll up on me

And dis bitch on mah keys #ittybitty

Dis bitch tho #puss

And I WAS going to try to get online. But Itty Bitty said no... :/

She keeps sniffing my hair.

Stop following me Tangggggg

I wish Itty Bitty over there would come over here. But she doesn't like being touched too much.

This bitch digs it's claws into me every time I stop touching it. #onehandedtweet

Growing attached to this hound

Sleeping ginormous lap hound

Kittyyyyyyyyyy 1 of 4

My BFF for the week:

Home alone in my undies and hospital socks watching Sherlock on the big tv

Soooo close. But soooo far.

Dad won't let me high-jack the truck :(

Dad: why would they admit this?!

Dad is using a too small cup holder as his Pringles can holder.