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Who loves Orange soda....?? Kel loves Orange soda! Not just an average face. Moeshツ

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who brushes then eats anyway?

I don't even eat in Greggs but it aggs me sooo much that they don't have microwaves! Like.. Wtf

Woke up, tryin to figure out where I am without sittin up? Any tree

We thought we saw u in the crowd

"Have Pasta" they said.. "It'll take 10 minutes" they said.. -____-

Katy Perry X RuPaul #ThatsNotMe OUT NOW

Katy Perry X RuPaul #ThatsNotMe OUT NOW

He should have got a refund for some of his audacity, would have been ballin.

Errmm... Guys??

It's not even rainin ere

he's skankin

BBC1, why you liiiie?? Pls y