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Starbucks instant coffee is amazing. Tastes just like real thing.

I call bullshit...

Swine flu protection kit... I better not get the swine flu not that I have the cure...

250ml, 4.1% alchohol and costs $3.99 a bottle at the liquor store. This strawberry beer is expensive but it's good. $24 later.

WTF is this junk on my windshield?

Sweet fuckin tan line. Dig it!

Cone head Gizmo, post surgery.

This is what 37th street looks like when re-tards get their drivers license. F-ing accident on Glenmore!

Poor Gizmo is in for surgery. It's all good, he's a tough guy!

Finally got my Future shirts! But they sent the shirt in the wrong color and size! Oh well the free one is sweet!

It's 3 am...can't sleep. Fack! Bought a new suit tonight. It's pretty fricken nice.

This is what happens when Jarred plays soccer.

God I hate the dentist! This is what I looked like trying to smile with a frozen face.