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This is false advertising and misleading. I expected to see you today

guess who has the pleasure of finishing your table this year in woodshop

Yesssss #favoritetvshow

#black&white #Classy lockscreen Wayne sitting on my lockbar

Lol at s new gucci forehead tattoo

it's AMAZING. Get #Dedication4 stat. It's like no ceilings and sorry for the wait combined

you call yourself a website. Your a fucking joke. This is why people steal music. Like I did

#blameDjDrama s the dedication 4 is delayed again till sept 3rd at noon. #lilwayneiskingofpushbacks

walking into the bathroom and seeing this

I pulled up next to this guy and I was like I'm lovin the whip. And he replied "thanks man, I got 2 jobs" hahaha

Get at her

This new Gucci Mane mix tape is gold! #imup #trapmusic

I hate to say it. But I give it a month before she looks like this

look what she's became! As a huge fan you should be pissed, not supportive. Don't become a hipster Emily :(

new Miley bathtub pics leaked ;)

Hahaha I want this

Stormin over PIB