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College roommate and his Britney Spears moment. #Britney

Superman socks w/actual capes & a Tom Brady jersey to school despite living in Chicago & being the new kid. #Liam

Things Tom Brady can get away with wearing that the rest of us cannot.

Keep your phones on!! Dad will text you positive messages all week!! Blank stares and general crickets. #Sigh

My 11 year old's hands are bigger than mine. And, ha-ha in advance on the inevitable hands jokes.

Push up, sit up, and two mile run champion for Eighth Army Korea 1984. Motivation for this morning's workout! #TBT

Giant Hawk ready to fight me for the ladies (the Kibby hens). I was four feet away. Thought it might come to blows!

It's a complex issue, yet in this day and age of cameras everywhere, it's for everyone's protection.

Our Chief Legal and Financial guys. "What are you wearing today?" "I don't know, what are you wearing?" #Solidarity

"What's on your mind, Liam?" "I don't know, dad, probably sports." #KnowThySelf

"Taledega Nights" 15th birthday dinner. No. I didn't let him watch it when he was 12 (as far as Mrs. BK knows).

The Milwaukee pitcher looks around and thinks "what are all these people doing here!!?" #Cubs

As Ben FrankLin said (although he didn't, but could have!) 'tis better to have friends buy boats then oneself!

Before Goliath (fastest/scariest roller coaster on the planet!) selfie. #SixFlags

Perfect for this evening.

Note to all boys who also turn 16 in 2016, her dad does not fear prison. #JustSayin'

Sea Dog Extreme speed boat ride on Lake Michigan, Chicago, was completely worth it. Awesome!! #SeaDogChicago

My beautiful Kate before the "Extreme Speed" super boat ride on Lake Michigan!

BMO in Barrington Hills giving away soccer balls with new accounts. So, I have that going for me, which is nice.

Chicken babies have arrived at the home of Mrs. Doolittle (BK's wife). I've learned to say "sounds great!!" a lot.