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Cough, , cough cough. Sorry about the coughing, I just caught a whiff of some smoke.

Maybe I've been out of the loop my whole life, but I didn't realize they actually sell "Puppy Chow". #MuddyBuddies


These taste exactly like Cap'n Crunch Berries. Probably not all that surprising with "Berry" in the name.

I thought they disappeared years ago! So buying one of these soon.

Found the source of the flies. Old rotting potatoes. Here are the remnants of them. #WatchYourPotatoesEveryone

Is there any place that there isn't advertisements these days?

Car just burst into flames at my apartment complex. So badass.

Not sure if they have enough screens here. #Ciccarellis

Apparently I had a pretty crazy night last night. #WrongNumberBro

I think the ice cubes were getting together and about to declare war on the rest of the refrigerator.

What happens when you don't own a ladder.

Get a stool. #ConstipationTips #PASchool

The bug genocide is courtesy of the bug hurricane I encountered on I-75. That's not smoke. Those are bugs.

Bug genocide.

Does The Detroit News want us to run for our lives or something?

You know someone took a dump in the Ikea toilet for them to have to put the sign there.

The new Incredible, .

Two weeks worth of Pepsi Max. #Brett

My grandpa had some dandelions growing in his lawn, so my uncle decided Round-Up was the solution. #ItWasNot