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in the pouring rain - NOTHING better. ReallyCasualFriday #ReallyCasualPoncho #supernovapaf

Just made the most important purchase of the day - a trash bag w/ a hood. #ReallyCasualFriday #supernovapaf

GODSPEED . #supernovapaf #ReallyRainyFriday #RosslynDewPoint Cc: mtn_dew

Watched 's commercials before trying this IC Sandwich* & it all made sense. *Banana Chip on USA Oatmeal

Oh no! This changes everything. (See: 30% of my projects.) #MetroPerforms

Still about 15 or so acts waiting to audition for #MetroPerforms HQ - including this empty chair.

If You See Something, Say Something #MetroPerforms

Still about 20 or so acts waiting to audition for #MetroPerforms HQ - including this mime act.

This guy REALLY wants this job. #MetroPerforms

Sneak preview of the new turnstiles. Note the lack of actual turnstiles. #MetroPerforms

Fairly certain that I'm the only artist auditioning for #MetroPerforms HQ. #supernovapaf

Kippah-n’ it racist! Shabbat Shalom from #DanSnyder and the Washington Pigskins*! *per

It wasn't a total loss, though, as I found this mini Stanley Cup at a thrift shop. #ReallyCasualFriday #supernovapaf

I wish was in operation already. Until then, running will have to suffice.

Good morning from the DC sinkhole.

"Actor" no longer a discouraging word . "I am just an actor." Dr. , #GWCommencement speaker.

Friday Night Lights

Dan Steinhilber discusses his Untitled coat hanger sculpture from 2002 as part of #OverUnderNext . #DCArts

Last night : The final hour of "May Day/Night Shift," Joshua Wade Smith's endurance #performanceart piece.