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DIASPORADOES; Join the Cause for Justice and Real Peace in Ireland @ LINK HERE -

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British Censorship is Dictatorship

The truth never benefits from censorship. British Censorship is
dictatorship. Dictatorship is when those in power no longer trust the
people. A government that doesn’t trust its own people can’t serve
its people, its people serve it. This is Police State Britain of
today, where it is all tried and tested, particularly on John Bull's
other island of occupied Ireland with their sectarian creations of two
Scum States.

In British Occupied Ireland, British sponsored death squads still roam
and intimidate. Indiscriminate no warning bombings by the British are
still a threat, political assassination of the opposition still a

Political internment, sanitized still exists, as well as Imprisoned
torture, kangaroo courts, special powers acts, disappeared
journalists, child rape as a political tool. Persistent violation of
human rights still continue the oppression, justified under the
pretext and cover of a pseudo peace process, in both of their British
Scum States.

Stop and search powers, arbitrary arrest and detention without trial,
along with its continued brutalization of political prisoners are all
censored. Censored too, the still sectarian nature of its creation of
a Scum State of a ‘Protestant state for a Protestant people’, in the
north of the island, where Catholics, are in fact still third class
citizens, to the British monarchy and its privileged class of Lords
and Ladies, with a further layer, on the basis of religious
affiliation in occupied Ireland, still subject to discrimination in
jobs, housing, education and social attitudes.

Conscientious political opponents, aside from being interned, have
been shot dead in cold blood, unarmed by the by their sponsored gangs,
who are sponsored and have been given carte blanche by the British,
to murder political dissidents with censored impunity at will.

Political child rape is still politically correct and rampant in both
Scum States, with political legislation and political enablers at the highest lever, still 'systemic' to both Scum States, while censored, journalists are
'DISAPPEARED', murdered, threatened, intimidated, as part of an
enforced media blackout by the British, in both parts of John Bull's
other island of Irish Scum State's media mafia. Officially it doesn't
exist of course, under Britain's Official Secret's Act.

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Missing Irish Journalist Released by Political Kidnappers After Ransom Delivered -

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Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen -

The proposed visit by the Queen of England next year to Ireland, is causing considerable anger and resentment in Ireland as is her executive's continued occupation of both her contrived Scum States on the island. Widespread protests are already happening all over John Bull's other island.

Still, like the military and bureaucratic elites of Eton, whether in
South Africa, Occupied Ireland or Thailand, they refuse to give up a
crumb of their elitist power, they have held for centuries with brute
force and will continue with massacres such as Sharpeville, Bloody
Sunday Occupied Ireland and the latest organized again by the Rifles
of Eton, who have this writer disconnected today, in a long history of
their bloody hand here in South-east Asia, be it Vietnam, Cambodia,
Burma, Malaysia or Thailand. It will continue like this indefinetely,
until people of no property worldwide, unite, organize and stick
together with a leadership, grounded in service to the people of no
property not bankers and gombeen men.

The revisionist, reformists and careerists don't care one iota,
outside their own short sighted self-interest, nor can they be trusted
to end collaboration with this barbaric inhumanity. Right now the
pampered middle classes are the greatest enemy of the people of no
property, along with their elite friends, sitting as witnesses of
vested interest to the status quo, in front of their BBC world service
TV's or censored computers, in this age of disinformation. Like their
masters, selectively, subjectively, censoring the censored of our
everyday post-modern world of international war crimes.

Her Imperial Majesty still sits Top of the Throne of International War
Criminals, on a neo-colonial Empire of Commonwealth beit British
Petroleum in the Gulf or client Scum States where the Sun never sets
and the Butchers Apron, can be still found in one form or another,
guarded by the Rifles Of Eton advisors, MI-6 and MI-5.

Occupied Ireland was her first colony and her training ground for her
eternal wars on the people of no property worldwide which happen with
clockwork regularity at least every decade. The weapons and counter
insurgency techniques she experimented with in Ireland in the last
decade alone, aside from use in Ireland were used in Iraq and
Afghanistan. Its big business in armaments and advisors conducted with
bloody ruthless efficiency where her own cannon fodder and innocent
civilians of no property, are as of little consequence, as her
politically sponsored child rape in Belfast.

The Queen and Her Butchers Apron are an insult to the millions of
Irish Ancestor victims of Her Empire's Holocaust in Ireland, which
claimed more victims than Her cousin's Holocaust in Europe. Apologies
are all well and good but the test of their sincerity is amends made.
In some instances that just is not possible, ever. In this instance a
genuine apology will include ensuring, it never happens again on blood
soaked Irish soil. A complete withdrawal of the British and Her
collaborators is the minimum to ensure that. Every dog on an Irish
street knows that the forgiveness required for a genuine peace process
in Ireland, must be based on this basic form of justice in Ireland.
Anything to the contrary is utter cant, call it counter insurgency,
paedo process, peace process what you may.

Many West Brits are now saying that anger at the proposed visit next years is palpable in Ireland and that she is in mortal danger if she attempts to visit prompting the remaining religious to state that only God can Save the Queen if she goes ahead with her Irish trip.

My international comrades, whether your English, American or wherever,
instead of serving War Criminals as cannon fodder, Come !

Join THE CAUSE for REAL PEACE with JUSTICE in Ireland, NOW ! -

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Link To Story;


Join THE CAUSE for REAL PEACE with JUSTICE in Ireland, NOW ! -

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Stand Up to British Censorship !!!

Join THE CAUSE for REAL PEACE with JUSTICE in Ireland, NOW ! -

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Derogatory word Originally used by the British establishment in the US for Irish people. It is an old English slang word for an Irishman.
The English also taught the loyalists how to use it. Some say that "mick" comes from the many "Mc" in many Irish names. McKenna, McNeil, McFlannagan, etc.,. Mick is now used between Irish friends and relatives in a playful and joking way of reverse craic. Like " Pat, you stupid mick" While it is derogatory for outsiders to call Irish Diasporadoes it is now commonly used among ourselves.

Join THE CAUSE for REAL PEACE with JUSTICE in Ireland, NOW ! -

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Join THE CAUSE for REAL PEACE with JUSTICE in Ireland, NOW ! -

Traditions as the Basis for Unity within THE CAUSE

The Celtic nature historically, has had difficulties with rules,
regulations and authority. This has presented many difficulties within
our tradition, when confronted with the unified, regulated, organized
attacks of military cultures like the Roman and later British Empires.
While on the other hand because of its diverse nature, it has helped
preserve many of our traditions and the Celtic Spirit. However in
Ireland it has become clear from our history, that if we are to
achieve a peace, which has become clearly dependent on justice, for
all genuine intelligent humane people of goodwill on the island, that
a certain unity of approach to the solution is required to achieve THE
CAUSE of real peace.

With the above in mind, I have borrowed a set of traditions, rather
than rules and regulations from other groups, as a basis for community
unity serving THE CAUSE. THE CAUSE is not allied with any organization
or denomination or particular set of beliefs, religions or atheists.
We humbly submit from the hard lessons of experience, that THE CAUSE
does not surrender to anything or anybody other than the Celtic

1. The Unity of Ireland should come first; personal opinions are
secondary to the unity of Ireland's cause.

2. For the purpose of our CAUSE there is an ultimate authority a
loving Irish Spirit as it may express itself in our Cause communities.
Our Admins are just trusted servants of the THE CAUSE they do not

3. The only requirement for THE CAUSE membership is an honest desire
for REAL PEACE based on justice in Ireland.

4. Each community is autonomous with the exception of matters
affecting other THE CAUSE of Ireland as a whole.

5. Each group has but one primary purpose to create justice rather
than oppression to enable THE CAUSE of genuine Peace in Ireland.

6. Each CAUSE community ought never endorse, finance or lend THE CAUSE
name to any related activity or outside political projects or people,
in case problems of politics, money, property and ego distract us from
our CAUSE.

7. Every CAUSE community ought to fully support itself, declining
contributions from outside the group.

8. THE CAUSE should always remain non-professional but services we
provide to the community may employ specifically trained workers.

9. THE CAUSE, should never be formally organized with leaders, rules
and regulations but we can create boards of service, committees
directly answerable to those communities they serve.

10. THE CAUSE in its totality has no particular formal opinion on
outside matters. Therefore the name of THE CAUSE ought never be
dragged into controversy publicly

11. We all need to maintain personal humility and service to the THE
CAUSE as part of presentation with any public media.

12. Humility and service are the Celtic foundation with all our
traditions rather than regulation or rules, to remind us always to
place principles before personalities and to prevent any personality
being placed on a pedestal to the detriment of the CAUSE.

Submitted for group discussion and approval this day the 21st of
September 2010 A.D.

Join THE CAUSE for REAL PEACE with JUSTICE in Ireland, NOW ! -

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THE IRISH CAUSE ; Invites submissions on the Eire Nua document as a paper for its group to adopt, as a basis for Peace with Justice in Ireland. All pro-active feedback is welcome.

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Irish diasporadoes are defined in legal terms as all persons of Irish nationality who habitually reside outside of the island of Ireland. Irish citizens who have emigrated abroad, their children are Irish citizens by descent under Irish law. It also includes grandchildren in cases where they were registered as Irish citizens in the Foreign Births Register held by every Irish diplomatic mission. Great-grandchildren and even more distant descendants of Irish immigrants may also register as Irish citizens, if the parent through whom they claim descent is registered as a citizen before the descendant in question was born.

Irish diasporadoes are generally not limited by citizenship status with an estimated 80 million people contested by British and west Brit elements in Ireland. The Irish Government acknowledged this although it does not yet acknowledge its legal obligations to all diasporadoes.

Article 2 of the Constitution of Ireland was amended in 1998 to read " the Irish nation cherishes its special affinity with people of Irish ancestry living abroad who share its cultural identity and heritage."
The right to register as an Irish citizen terminates at the third generation except as explained above while other countries permit legal avenues through which their diasporadoes can register as citizens.

Irish diasporadoes number more than 41 million, the second largest ethnic group after German Americans. Large Irish Diaspora communities are found in Chicago, Boston, New York City, New England, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Paul Minnesota, Cleveland and the San Francisco Bay Area. Many have annual St Patrick's Day parades, the largest in New York. one of the world's largest parades. The parade in Boston is linked with Evacuation Day, when George Washington and the Irish forced the British out. Texas State has the largest number of Irish Americans diasporadoes, percentage wise, Boston is the most Irish city and Massachusetts the most number of Irish diasporadoes.


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Gunned down by a assassin's bullet in his third year as president of
the US, President Kennedy never had the chance to tell his young the
stories of their Irish ancestors or the warrior Fianna. Irish
ancestors like Patrick Kennedy, Bridget Murphy, or Thomas Fitzgerald
and their struggles the English tyrants were tales they would learn
later in stories that sank in when they and their mother, spent the
summer of 1967in Ireland. Being Irish is an intrinsic part of being a
Kennedy, and it is their heritage like all Irish Diasporadoes.

President Kennedy and his large family were raised to respect the
tradition of their Irish ancestors with names like Cox, Fitzgerald,
Hannon, Hickey, Murphy, and Kennedy who were forced overseas by
occupation for better opportunities and some freedom in America.

When President Kennedy's father Joseph Patrick Kennedy married Rose
Elizabeth Fitzgerald in 1914, things were atarting to get better for
the Irish in America, although the old British WASP establishment
still had signs in their windows saying, No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs.
Although there were still some"Irish Need Not Apply," Kennedy achieved
great success as a banker and ironically to the displeasure of the
British, appointed U.S. ambassador to Great Britain by President
Franklin D. Roosevelt.

John F. Kennedy's Presidency was a short lived victory for his family
and for Irish-Americans everywhere. Kennedy's Irish Ancestors came to
the United States with nothing forced out by an English engineered
Holocaust that almost wiped out the Irish nation. A 100 years later,
one of the Irish Diasporadoes was President of the United States much
to the displeasure of elements of the WASP establishment.

In 1963, Kennedy made a triumphant journey to the land of his
ancestors where he was mobbed and received a hero's welcome.


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DIASPORADOES; Join the Cause for Justice and Real Peace in Ireland @ LINK HERE -

Death Of O'Donovan Rossa

O'Donovan Rossa, a founding member of the Fenians died in New York on
29 June 1915, aged 84. Fenian leader John Devoy and Tom Clarke
decided, his body should be sent home at once. Clarke and Thomas
MacDonagh planned the funeral which was a massive demonstration of
support for Irish independence from Britain.

Tom Clarke chose Patrick Pearse, a barrister and a schoolteacher, the
foremost orator of the time, to give the graveside oration.

Rossa lay in state in City Hall, Dublin with a guard of honour.
Thousands of Irish Volunteers later followed the hearse to Glasnevin
Cemetery with hundreds of thousands lining the streets. Padraigh
Pearse delivered the graveside oration. He spoke "on behalf of a new
generation that has been re-baptised in the Fenian faith" and called
on the Irish people to stand together for the achievement of the
freedom of Ireland.

He stated "we know only one definition of freedom: it is Tone's
definition, it is Mitchel's definition, it is Rossa's definition" that
is, an Irish Republic.The oration concluded with a challenge to the
British and their collaborators in Ireland, which is a critical part
of understanding Ireland, for anyone who genuinely seeks peace in
Ireland. It was true then, as it is true today, without justice there
will not be peace, there is no short cut, there is no easier softer
way, that is the unadulterated truth of the Irish question. Anyone who
says otherwise is a deceiver of the people.

Pearse concluded;

"They think that they have pacified Ireland. They think that they have
purchased half of us and intimidated the other half. They think that
they have foreseen everything, think that they have provided against
everything but the fools, the fools, the fools! - they have left us
our Fenian dead, and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree
shall never be at peace".

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The Irish Sea is described by Greenpeace, as the most radioactively contaminated sea in the world, with "eight million litres of nuclear waste" dumped into it by the British each day, from their nuclear Sellafield reprocessing plants, contaminating and destroying Irish seawater, sediments and all marine life. Ireland is a small country trying to get the British out for over 800 years but the British continue to bully their smaller neighbour and destroy their country, oceans and people oblivious to the protests and activists with a conscience whom they have interned without a proper trial and tortured.

Now Irish people are watching the British do it again with the Americans, as they dump more than 60,000 barrels of crude oil into the Gulf daily, destroying almost all of their marine life.With the huge amount of publicity about the scale, of what the arrogant management style of the British destroyed daily off the coast of the United States, Irish people are hoping that there is a greater understanding about the criminal nature of British global behaviour in general, along with with their environmental terrorism.
Currently in British occupied Ireland, prisoners of political conscience are locked up in shocking squalor, being systematically tortured with daily brutal beatings. The British have highly paid collaborators on the Island, to enable the brutality of the sectarian thugs to continue, under a complete media blackout of rampant censorship over the two islands.

The British apart from their environmental terrorism destroying marine life off the coast of both the US and Ireland, have raped the Irish countryside of almost all of its woodlands, forests and wildlife. They also have wiped out almost all of the country's population, with an engineered holocaust, that reduced Ireland's population by more than the total number of victims of the holocaust by Hitler, during the second world war.

The environmental terrorism by the British off the coast of both the US and Ireland was born in a British culture of total disrespect for native values, culture or environment. Believing they still rule the waves of the world, as they still boast the Sun never sets on their British Empire. British Petroleum's record of destroying lives and the environment, is but a microcosm of their disregard for international law and their sheer disdain for the"restless natives".

The response of their CEO Hayward, was that there were too many do gooders in the world, that statement is just as mall insight, into the culture of the British and their lack of ethics or compassion for their victims. Now their arrogance with total contempt for the American public, has ordered Obama to cover up, not clean up in the gulf, just like they did for the last forty years with regard to their latest war crime of occupied Ireland's Bloody Sunday.

Ireland waits in hope that for once, just once, the Americans put manners on the British and help Ireland, rid itself of the scourge of their brutal occupation with internment and concentration camps of squalor and torture, just like the Irish helped the United States rid itself of its former colonial master all those years ago. Irish republicans after centuries of struggle are now realizing that the soul and Spirit of the country was forced into emigration and that the 70 million of the Irish diaspora scattered all over the planet will be needed to get rid of the plundering British, lock stock and barrel, once and for all.

The bottom line on British behaviour both in the USA and Ireland, is that the rape of these two countries, its children, people environment and future in a civilized world, is simply is not acceptable any longer whatever way their spin doctors in the media or their crony politicians on their payroll cover it up, either in the States or Ireland.

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John Bull's Other Island a comedy about Ireland by G. Bernard Shaw
1904 who was born in Dublin.

The play is about Larry Doyle from Ireland who turned his back on his
heritage to fit in with the English and Tom Broadbent, his English
business partner who run a firm in London, they go to Ireland where
Doyle was born to develop some land. Doyle long ago disillusioned with
Ireland while Broadbent is romantic about it. Broadbent becomes a
favourite of the people and will marry Nora Reilly a woman waiting for
Doyle, who is happy to let her go, while trying to become the local
candidate for Parliament but after Doyle refuses enabling Broadbent
who has called in' all his loans given "so easily" to the locals
against their homes and intends as he planned from the beginning to
make the area into an amusement park.

The local defrocked priest Father Peter Keegan, the political opposite
who sees through Broadbent from the outset warns the people against
him. The play premiered in London, 1904. It was a huge success and the
theatre went on to produce many Shaw plays.
Dealing with the Irish question of the time, the play was seen by many
British establishment figures, with King Edward VII who laughed so
hard he broke his chair. Shaw's name was made in London.More than a
hundred years later and a couple of revolutions in Ireland little has
changed since 1904.

"But crucially, besides the fact that republicanism has been defeated
and disfigured is "the devious way that it was all brought about" as
Brendan Hughes bitterly complained. Obfuscation -- or 'creative
ambiguity' as it is branded -- has been central to the peace process.
(207) Professor Roy Foster writes that "the British quickly learned
linguistic ingenuity; Orwell would have appreciated the way ‘an
"agreed Ireland" ‘turned out to mean the very opposite of a ‘united
Ireland’, while ‘power-sharing’ came to denote ‘separate spheres’, not

As Jim Gibney reminds us:
"If there is one big lesson coming out of the peace is
words like 'certainty' and 'clarity' are not part of the creative
lexicon that conflict resolution requires if it is to be
successful...Give me the language of ambiguity...It has oiled the
engine of the peace process. Long may it continue to do so." (209)
Or as Bernadette Devlin McAliskey puts it more bluntly, peace has been
bought by "perjury, fraud, corruption, cheating and lying". (210)
Brendan Hughes was on solid ground when complaining that "the process
had created a class of professional liars and unfortunately it
contains many Republicans". (211) As a result of this, the legacy of
the ‘peace process’ for republicanism is not only defeat but also far
more serious, the relinquishing of the moral position of the
republican struggle." - Pensive Quill

They didn't mention child rape or blackmail.

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Fears are growing for the life of the Irish journalist Brian Clarke
who may have been kidnapped by the 'Paedo Party' and British
associates, because of his revelations of systematic child rape by
the Adam's Party and associates, since Gerry Adams became their
President. Meanwhile the only Irish politician to make a stand on the
issue is Ian Paisley who is joining a protest against this week’s
visit to Britain by Pope Benedict. Mr Paisley said he had been
contacted by “many Roman Catholic people” who were troubled “by the
actions of Rome” and “I think that I have a right, everybody has a
right – to make their presence felt on this issue,” he said.

Sometime ago women from Ireland's best-known republican families have
spoken about how they were sexually raped by associates of Gerry
Adams, which is now known on the Irish street as the Paedo Party and
of how that abuse was covered up by Gerry Adams and his party. A young
grand-niece of former IRA chief Joe Cahill said she was repeatedly
raped at the age of 16 by a prominent associate of Adams in west

The daughter of another IRA Belfast commander has also spoken out
about how she was physically, mentally and sexually raped by yet
another associate, who is currently an elected representative of
Adam's Paedo Party. Both young women who were children when raped said
Gerry Adams was aware of their rape but failed to take action while he
was still covering up his brother's rape of his four year old daughter
for many years. It is believed many republicans in west Belfast were
compromised by British intelligence, helping the father of Gerry Adams
also raping member of his own family. Intense surveillance by the
British during the troubles produced thousands of rolls of film of the
Adams family engaged in child rape along with more of his friends and
colleague from rural areas engaged in bestiality. The film was then
used as blackmail during interrogation to recruit his associates for
British purposes in Ireland.

Before the Irish journalist Brian Clarke was DISAPPEARED' he received
threats about revealing these matters and asked that in the event of
his death that details be published and asked that people from
occupied Ireland or humanitarians elsewhere prosecute charges under
with International Criminal Court for human rights for British state
abuses of children in occupied Ireland. The British paramilitary
police also helped Adams cover up his family role in child rape and
Adams friends who were raping children all over Belfast. The other
party of the Governing executive of the Scum State of British occupied
Ireland had associates running a brothel of Irish children who were
raped by visiting British Lords, Ladies, Intelligence Chiefs and
royalty all raping Irish children. Amazingly all of these people are
ruling Ireland today, for the British where child rape is politically
correct. In fact it encouraged as it is used as political weapon of
blackmail to control their sectarian colony in Ireland another of
Adams' party colleagues in Government maintained that child rape is
less serious than homosexuality.Even progressives like Hilary and Bill
Clinton who have taken considerable interest in Irish affairs seem to
permit it.

The rape victim Ms.Cahill said Adam's Paedo Party brought her
face-to-face with the man who had raped her, with the excuse they
wanted "to read the body language". "I felt physically sick," she
said, "I wanted to go to the Rape Crisis Centre. I said I needed
professional help." She was told later that her rapist 'escaped'. "I
didn't accept that. I believe they facilitated his move to Donegal,"
she said. She said she had many angry meetings with the party
president, Gerry Adams. At one meeting Ms.Cahill asked that her rapist
be brought back from Donegal. She was told: 'Do you think we should be
running around after you?' at which point, she started crying. She
said it wasn't just about her. He shouldn't have been allowed to go
somewhere else he'd have access to kids." She then ended a series of
meetings with Adams feeling they were "pointless" just like Adam's
niece did when, he turned his back on them and enabled his brother to
work in several youth clubs for years as the victims were left
vulnerable to more rape by the evil faciltator Adams. According to
Cahill, at the first meeting: "Gerry said he knew of the horror of
abuse but he believed people could recover and continue with their
lives. He said sex abuse cases were very hard to prove as it was one
person's word against another".

"Gerry said that they hadn't allowed her rapist to escape. 'Sometimes
these things happen,' he said. I felt numb. I told Gerry Adams I
wanted him returned to Belfast. He said they couldn't do that. I said
I felt betrayed by the movement. Another victim told how another
elected representative of Adam's Party, had raped her when she was a
child of 10. She said Adam's elected Party colleague locked her in an
attic and in a dog shed for several days, forced her to use a bucket
instead of a toilet, beat her heartlessly and relentlessly without
mercy, put her head under water until she was unconsciousness and then
sexually raped her. These people are all elected colleagues in the
Gerry Adams party, where child rape is politically correct in the Scum
State of British occupied Ireland. Irish people are fully aware that
the British Government support this behaviour in occupied ireland but
why the Clintons and the Americans allow this is incomprehensible.
Despite hospital records of the victim's injuries and social services
reports as a child and statements made to the British paramilitary
police the PSNI years ago with a police file, they British
paramilitary police continue to help Adams and the Paedo Party
cover-up their crimes of child rape. to this very day.

The second victim interviewed said "I'm disgusted that they remain
elected representative and I can't understand why they haven't been
prosecuted," she said. "Another family member informed Gerry Adams
face-to-face of what was done to me. This is all happening against the
backdrop of an imminent visit by the Pope to England and after several
inquires that cost hundreds of millions of dollars in the south of
Ireland, about rampant child rape. A veteran human rights lawyer
argues in a new book that the Vatican has hidden behind immunity.

He argues the Vatican should be treated like “a rogue state” or a Scum
State like British Occupied Ireland. The world should treat them like
the Scum States they are until they properly deal with child sexual
rape by priests and politicians, argues Judge Robertson, a United
Nations judge and veteran British human rights lawyer. In the 1970s
Judge Robertson defended Irish people who were wrongly accused of
fighting for Irish freedom in Britain. In a new book, he argues the
likes of Pope Benedict and Gerry Adams are hiding behind weak claims
political office of immunity, to dodge responsibility for failing to
act against thousands of priests worldwide, fellow elected
politicians, family members and Paedo Party associates who have raped
and abused children.

The Judge said “I came to this fresh. But when I read the Ferns report
in Ireland, along with the Murphy report, I couldn’t believe it. Words
kept cropping up: widespread, endemic, systematic abuse. The words
clung to me,” he said. Numbers of victims run into thousands in the
small island of ireland, in the US a “conservative” 10,000-plus.
“Everyone says wait for Africa and Latin America, because a lot of
paedophile priests have been ‘trafficked’ to Africa and Latin America,
where they are not being closely watched and where complaints don’t
get made,” Judge Robertson says. “The head of the African bishops’
conference said last month, ‘They sent us wolves in sheep’s clothing.’
The scale of the thing just staggered me.” Both the Vatican and the
Scum Sate of British Occupied Ireland risk losing their rights under
international law to be treated as states, even if their claims are
not fully accepted by the United Nations.

If it does not change, Judge Robertson believes, they both will face
charges under the International Criminal Court for human rights
abuses of children. “There is a doctrine used in international
criminal law of command responsibility, first introduced to deal with
Japanese generals in who didn’t do anything to punish those
responsible ,” he said. Compulsory reporting of rape must become
normal. “It is no longer for it to say that ‘we keep the confidences
of the confessional’, neither is proper that children remain
vulnerable to child rape in a Scum Stat without protection form its
politicians, police or parents.

Describing the Vatican state as “a palace with gardens” rather than a
state, Robertson argues that it has hidden behind the immunity offered
by such a status, without making any direct reference to the Scum
State of British Occupied Ireland.He said, “There has been a 30-year
conspiracy,” “Many are ‘trafficked’ priests, who were known to be
abusers and then sent to a parish or a country where they are not
known. The Vatican knew and the Vatican approved. And it refused to
defrock them.” Statehood in the instance of the Vatican to “throw dust
in the eyes” of governments, in the same sense as the British have
allowed Gerry Adams's elected party officials to rape Irish children
with impunity. The ordinary people are afraid to speak out about it,
after the murder of a local political activist who did challenge the
Paedo Party. Everyone knows who carried out his murder but neither the
British Government, the Irish government or any other elected official
would criticize Adam's or his colleagues, they all live in fear
because Adam's party have been given Carte blanche by the British, to
do as they please to enforce British law in the occupied Scum State,
including the murder of
conscientious traditional Irish republicans and political dissidents
as well as child rape.

“Political leaders rush to the Vatican to kiss the pope’s ring to get
blessed in the hope that it will play well with their electors,” Judge
Robertson said. “Even Tony Blair couldn’t wait. And the Vatican is
using this power over politicians.” The judge says the church in
Australia, conducted “a whispering campaign” against the atheist
Labour Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. “It does have power, and
politicians are afraid of it. Any Irish politician who had spoken out
prior to 2009 against the church would have lost a lot of support,”
Pope Benedict has told paedophile priests they will find forgiveness.
“One perhaps might remember that there is the famous quote about
mill-stones and drowning in the depths of the sea,” said Judge

He said “it is not acceptable” that the church or Adams “turns a
blind eye to a crime against humanity”. “It is a message that will
fall on deaf ears with this pope, but the next one could be standing
by his side. It would be a wonderful thing if Benedict did take the
sins of the fathers onboard and voluntarily resign. It has been done
before, but not for 600 years.” As regards the evil child rape
facilitator Gerry Adams, well right now he is too useful to the
British in occupied Ireland besides Her Majesty is not accountable to
anyone, not even the all powerful British secret services in their
Palaces on the Thames and in Hollywood of the Scum State Occupied
Ireland where I can assure you dear reader the truth is stranger than

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For decades the British Occupied state in the north of Ireland was
known as a joke of a ‘country,’ made-up of a Protestant state which
denied basic civil rights to half of its population, through
gerrymandering, and discrimination. Since its illegitimate birth in
1921, to its disgraced dissolution in 1972, only one political party
ever had power in its parliament i.e., the Ulster Unionist Party. Not
surprisingly then, traditional Irish republicans would have nothing
to do with this neo-colonial British created farce.

The British created what is now commonly known among ordinary people,
as the Scum State of British Occupied Ireland, which will be simply
termed here, from now on as the Scum State, through the Government of
Ireland Act in 1920, ignoring the democratic will of the Irish people
as expressed in an all-Ireland General Election of 1918, which Irish
republicans won 73 of the 105 parliamentary seats.

The British government as usual, did not accept the will of the Irish
people and immediately separated the Scum State from the rest of
Ireland, which is known as the unfree State, creating a mess on the
island of Ireland and handing total control exclusively to an Ulster
Unionist-dominated parliament, in the relatively small island of
Ireland. Now that a British sectarian carve-up had guaranteed an
artificial majority of loyal subjects to the Crown, a British
parliament set in Stormont, was seen as the solution. Obviously no
Irish republican would recognize such a travesty of justice, denial of
basic civil rights or outside interference in the internal affairs of
the Irish Republic.

As a result of this deviant British creation, decades upon decades of
war and resistance followed, with invasions by the British army, with
induced British sectarian death squads, indiscriminate no warning
bombings by the British all over Ireland, political assassinations,
shoot to kill state execution, political internment without trial,
torture, kangaroo courts, special powers acts, disappearance of
journalists, child rape as a political tool, censorship and continuous
violation of human rights including international war crimes, all
operated by Britain under the pretext of peace keeping.

Then a British Prime minister Tony Blair, a product of the British
secret services, attired in New Labour legitimacy, was hailed by their
controlled media mafia, for engaging with Ireland and bringing a
'peace process' that is today called a 'paedo process' on the Irish
street, which involved blackmailing elements within loyalism and
nationalism, into a one party state with the illusion of local,
democratic rule, while the reality couldn't be further from the truth.
The end result is akin to the combination of National Socialist German
Workers' Party of Hitler and the Brown shirts. A Fascist Nazi like
regime in a British Police Scum State.

Blair, selling the old wine of the Ulsterisation process, in the new
bottles of a 'paedo process', born in the spooky enabled child rape
brothels' of east and west Belfast, with their media mafia controlled
PR spin, of involving republicans and loyalists in an 'executive'.
Today organs of the British government such as the BBC world service,
appointed by British Royal charter, spin the illusion of the colonial
British acting in good faith in Ireland, keeping apart ‘two tribes’.
The British establishment is sanitizing its own well worn colonial
role worldwide, of divide and conquer, be it on a racial or religious
basis, selling their British Scum State in Ireland as incomprehensible
to all but the politicized and its victims.

Gerrymandering and discrimination have been replaced by a blackmailed,
fascist, police state. The blackmailed Evangelical-Protestant DUP and
child raping Nationalist elements have representation in a Stormont
Assembly, where the natives argue over the crumbs, like will Willy or
Paddy sell water to the city of Derry,while the colonial corporates
skim the cream. Like a spooky magician with smoke and mirrors the Scum
State is still a one-party state. The only difference is that instead
of being ruled by the British Unionist Party, it’s ruled by the
minions of the British Secret Service in London, lining their
off-shore bank accounts with the taxpayers money of the English
working class.

There is absolutely no real difference between the one-party state of
yesterday's Unionists and that of today, except the illusion of former
republicans being well paid, in undemocratic neo-colonial
institutions. They claim their reward on the backs of their dead
volunteers, saying they won the vote for the civil rights marchers and
their surrender was without defeat, because they achieved the
cancellation of one or two orange marches.

This illusionary local government is referred to as ‘the Executive’. A
subliminal admission that it is not a parliament, as the British Scum
State is not actually capable of electing a real government because of
its sectarian nature. All the spook media mafia waffle is propaganda
about ‘shared futures’, for the people of the Scum State, when the
real truth is they share less now than ever. With the ever expanding
role of the power of spook rule on the British Scum State, there is a
corresponding contraction of a genuine political progressive.

The British mentored Alliance Party of a group of supposed liberals,
expounding a middle position between British and Irish, while their
policies always turn out to be actually a continuation of British
sovereignty, in just a slightly more sanitized form. A pretence that
the Scum State can be magically transformed into a normal society,
based on a British created sectarian electorate, while Irish people
are refused the right to express their political will in meaningful
elections in their own country, will always ensure the injustice that
creates continuous revolution.

All of the parties in the Executive owe their allegiance not to the
electorate but to the British secrets services and their media, whose
sole purpose is to enforce British rule in Ireland, which takes us to
the colonial nature of policing in British Occupied Ireland controlled
by the Home Office in London with MI5, who are not answerable to any
representatives to the crown constabulary's Policing Board. Irish
citizens complain of increased instances of harassment by the the
British Police in Ireland in the form of the British paramilitary
police the PSNI.

Stop and search powers are still routinely used to intimidate the
families of traditional Irish republicans and political dissidents of
conscience. Republican opponents of the British Monarchy and its class
system of privilege, continue to experience arbitrary arrest and
detention without trial. These tactics are designed to instill British
fear and paranoia into Irish communities and culture.

The British oppression, repression and injustice in Occupied Ireland,
became clear last July, when a peaceful protest, against a fascist,
racist, Orange Order march, of a purely sectarian nature, the British
paramilitary-police of the PSNI responded with plastic bullets, water
cannon and attempts to mechanically bulldoze the local residents off
their own Irish and community streets.

The British partition of Ireland with their induced sectarianism,
maintains the division between the people of no property, fighting for
a living and jobs, making it easier to exploit all Irish workers. The
absolute necessity of the sectarian nature of the British Scum State
in Occupied Ireland, is confirmed by statistics such as 60 per cent of
applicants for rented British housing in the British Scum State are
Catholic and 40 per cent Protestant, while 60 per cent of the homes
actually go to Protestants as Irish people are forced to fight for a
roof over their own heads. Almost all of these housing estates in the
British occupied Scum State are segregated, with a lot of high walls
and barbed wire to separate workers on both sides, similar to the
Occupied Palestinian territories which the British created too.

The 'Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion report highlights an
increase in social inequality, with a steep rise in house
repossession, while the proportion of working-age adults not working
has risen to 34 per cent. It also says 12 per cent of children are
living in conditions described as “absolute poverty”.

Since the GFA and the surrender of weapons by the provisional IRA,
aside from policing powers still being kept in London, there has been
a retention of large amounts weapons for ex-RUC, UDR and local British
army personnel, along with retaining the hated RUC reserve, with an
overwhelming Protestant composition, while the Nationalist communities
are once again back to where they were at the start of the troubles
forty years ago, when the were burnt out of their homes by loyalists
armed to the the teeth, while they were left defenceless.

The British have removed restrictions on Orange marches into
nationalist areas again, while Gerry Adams' party only complain mildly
about these and the abolition of the Parades Commission! The Adam's
gang are collaborating with the Unionist veto, which is now stronger
than ever, as a result of even more concessions to a sectarian and
privileged British Scum State enabled by the richly rewarded Adams'

The obscenity that is the Scum State, is once again demonstrated by
their recent brutalization of Republican prisoners. The sectarian
make-up of the Prison warders in the Scum State, is synonymous with
thuggery and sectarian bullying, with their role in inflicting
repression and the maximum pain, well documented.

Last year the wife of the first minister of the Scum State attacked
gays as an “abomination” in the Scum State and said that
homosexuality was “viler” than child rape, which is regarded as
politically correct in the scum state's largest political party. Aside
form being wife of the first minister, she was herself a leading
elected representative. Her affair with a toy boy paid with Orange
political patonage and her full statement recently saying she has been
mentally ill for years, exposes the religious hypocrisy and bigotry of
Unionist politicians for all to see. So one of the ruling parties
enables child rape while the other condemns gays as being worse than
child rapists.

In a Scum State familiar with pogroms against Catholics and
immigrants, gay people would be very vulnerable. Her party was
compromised some years ago in the cover-up of an associate loyalist
paedophile brothel of children, for visiting British royalty, their
lords, their ladies and their top intelligence officials, raping Irish
children in Belfast. With the revelations of more than fifty years of
similar activity by the supposedly nationalist Adams family. The cover
up of child rape by the Adams family, with the help of the British
paramilitary police, ensured the British got everything they wanted,
from the surrender of the compromised Adams' party, in negotiations to
rubber stamp Ulsterisation. After fifty years of brave resistance with
many sacrifices, the genuine Irish cause for democracy, justice with
real peace without British interference in the island's internal
affairs, was taken backwards not forward by the Adams' paedophile
gang surrender.

The sectarian British Scum State is still a ‘Protestant state for a
Protestant people’, where Catholics are in fact third class citizens
of the British monarchy, subject to systemic discrimination in jobs,
housing, education and social attitudes. Oppression of Catholics is
used by the British to keep the Protestant workers onside. This was
the standard tactic ofBritish imperial divide and rule, in all of its
colonies worldwide and with its own working class at home.

Since the Adams'gang appointed representatives to a Policing Board
without power in 2007, the increased harassment by the British
paramilitary police, has trebled its stop and search operations over
last year to almost 10,000. Republican opponents, aside from this
harassment have been shot dead in cold blood unarmed by the Adams'
gang, who have been given carte blanche by the British, opposition, to
murder any traditional republican or political dissident they want.

The above is one of the remaining compiled dialectics by the
'DISAPPEARED' Irish journalist Brian Clarke, referencing sources as
diverse as Spiked and the Fifth International before he went missing.
Aside from lawyers and journalists already murdered by the
British/Adams/Loyalist regime, this journalist highly critical of
Adams' enabling the cover up of his brother's child rape and others in
his gang, has recently been 'DISAPPEARED' with an enforced media
blackout by the British in all of Ireland's media. Adams also stands
accused of a number of charges of covering up sex abuse allegations
against fellow republicans to enable a defeat and surrender to the
British. In this climate of censorship try to pass on this article to
you friends to update them as to what is really happening in British
Occupied Ireland.

JOIN THE IRISH CAUSE NOW ! Lobby your friends and pass it on !

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