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Pseudo Provisional Peace Process Broken by British Censorship - Go to Link

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The Emperor Wears No Clothes a Fairytale by BleedinRectum; Link -

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The person who is most to blame is, of course, Mary Harney.

She is one of the five long-termers in the Cabinet who have been there since 1997 – Brian Cowen, Micheál Martin, Dermot Ahern, Noel Dempsey and herself.

All of them deserve shame to be heaped on them, if not red paint (and, by the way, I don’t advocate the pouring of red paint on anybody, although the Labour Party front bench could do with it). But Mary Harney is deserving of special shame.

She was tánaiste for nine of the 13 years this crowd has been in office. For the most part our tánaistí have been fairly anonymous. Happily.

Only somebody seriously to be pitied could name all 19 tánaistí since the position was created in the 1937 Constitution. The office meant nothing at all until Dick Spring made it into something in 1992 and it remained something when Mary Harney got it in 1997, in effect deputy first minister.

It was she who was the apostle of Boston rather than Berlin – rampant, neocon Boston capitalism versus the more restrained Berlin version, the option that drives inequality and premature death for thousands.

It was she who aided and abetted the ravaging of our tax system, leaving us vulnerable to the collapse of transactional taxes which has caused our present crisis.

And as Minister for Health it has been her who has driven the momentum towards the deepening of the two-tier divide, with the rich pampered in the well-endowed private sector and the rest having to make do on trolleys and the waiting lists.

If anybody needed reminding of the harm Mary Harney has caused, just look at the shuddering incompetence of the way the redundancy scheme in the Health Service Executive was announced on Monday.

That a redundancy scheme which should have been introduced in 2004 is now to be rushed through in a few weeks ensures that it will be yet another fiasco.

Expecting people to make career-changing decisions in two weeks, and expecting an already dysfunctional organisation to cope with the resultant chaos arising from 5,000 self-selected departures, is so crazy it had to have been thought up by Mary Harney.

Why wasn’t this done six years ago? Why are the same number of people (around 560) still working in the Department of Health and Children as there were when almost every function the department had was delegated to the HSE in 2004?

What confidence can the bond dealers in the financial markets have in this State when somebody with such a track record remains in office, remains to decide now how the country is to be rescued from the damage for which she is so much to blame?

And incidentally (for it is incidental) what confidence can the people of this country have in a Government that includes the person who did so much to bring about this crisis?

There is a further reason to be concerned about Mary Harney still being in office.

There are two broad policy options in dealing with the €15 billion budget deficit: have the rich pay for the adjustments since the rich, by definition, were the ones who made most from society to date; or spread the pain, or pretend to spread the pain and, essentially, have the non-rich pay for the crisis.

Mary Harney, being the Boston lady, will go for the pretence to spread the pain – whatever the further damage this will do, on top of the damage she has already done in office, especially in the period while she was tánaiste.

So renewed apologies to Brian Cowen for failing to acknowledge there is still someone around who has caused even more harm than him.

Step forward Mary Harney, to a position of lonely eminence: the worse tánaiste ever.

Join THE IRISH CAUSE for Social Justice & REAL Peace -

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CUTS Paterson said "spoke to McGuinness & Robinson, they failed to raise any concerns"

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'Twas down by the glenside, I met an old woman
A-plucking young nettles, she ne’er saw me coming
I listened a while to the song she was humming
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men
'Tis fifty long years since I saw the moon beaming
On strong manly forms, on eyes with hope gleaming
I see them again, sure, in all my sad dreaming
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men.
When I was a young girl, their marching and drilling
Awoke in the glenside sounds awesome and thrilling
They loved poor old Ireland, to die they were willing
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men.
Some died on the glenside, some died near a stranger
And wise men have told us their cause was a failure
But they fought for old Ireland and never feared danger
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men
I passed on my way, God be praised that I met her
Be life long or short, sure I'll never forget her
We may have brave men, but we'll never have better
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men

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No Peace Without Justice is an international organisation with General consultative status at the United Nations as well as being a founding member of the Steering Committee of the NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court and acts as the international secretariat of Justice Rapid Response.

Through its worldwide political campaigns and initiatives "No peace Without Justice" addresses situations where fundamental and universal principles are set aside in the name of political stability and presumed cultural incompatibility.

"No peace Without Justice" raises awareness, fosters public debate and spurs political mobilization among activists, parliamentarians and governments to promote human rights, democracy, the rule of law and international criminal justice.

A Criminal empire headed up by the PIRA Commander is allowed to operate as part the so called peace process in Occupied Ireland, that includes multi-million Euro robberies. Rape of several children across Belfast, some of them by elected representatives of what is known on the street as the 'Paedo Party' of Gerry Adams.

.Another associate of Adams, the PIRA Commanding officer in Dublin continues to pay money into IRA/Sinn Fein laundered through numerous front businesses. They have a licence to murder, without political sanction against Adams or his paedo party.The murder of young Paul Quinn and Vol. Joe O'Connor confirm this.

The Government of DUP/SinnFein are turning a blind eye to organized crime terrorizing the people of no property, all associated with PIRA, including child rape, sponsoring drug dealers, thuggery and intimidation of political opponents, which instills fear and intimidation to enforce a counter insurgency gang in a so called 'peace process' on communities of ordinary people in Occupied Ireland.

Adam's associates have become career criminals, terrorizing innocent people or anyone who get in their way. The 'Paedo Pary' of Adams and PIRA believe they a license to murder and mutilate at will a resultof their so called 'peace process'.Drug dealers continue to enjoy licensed protection from the 'process' as well.

"On the 19th of July 1998 eight members of the PIRA in north Belfast smashed their way into the apartment of 33 year old Catholic, Andrew Kearney, and shot him dead in front of his partner and two week old baby. The criminal gang then ripped out the phone and jammed the lift so that help could not be summoned. This cowardly murder had been carried out as Andrew, a well known sports man, had stopped an IRA rapist from north Belfast attacking a child on the Falls Road in Belfast. The IRA wanted to keep their dark secrets and they would kill anyone who tried to expose them. Nobody would ever be charged with Andrew's murder as such crime was viewed as 'Internal House Keeping' by the British to whom the IRA were now surrendering. The peace process can therefore be seen on ocassion to be a direct impediment to justice."
from a recommended link

THE CAUSE for Real Peace with Justice asks you to recruit at least ten of your friends to this petition on Facebook and then encouraging those to continue to recruit another ten, to build a Pyramid of a worldwide peaceful lobby for the justice that will enable a real peace in all of Ireland and protection of all of its children, from the monstrous creations of British counter insurgency terror and enabling crony politicians who are protected by corrupt laws and a rotten system, in both scum states on the small and totally dysfunctional island of Ireland.

Currently THE CAUSE a petition for real peace in Ireland is censored by the British and one of the organizers was threatened again yesterday with an 'accident' if he did not close the site calling for peace with Justice in Ireland. Several of the leading recruiters have had their accounts blocked from recruiting anymore members to the peace site and several functions have been immobilized to prevent admins from contacting members. Complaints were lodged by associates of Adams, to have several accounts closed on Facebook to prevent the petition being successful.

We ask all peace loving people and activist to support this petition at this time.

IRELAND CALLS YOU Join the Cause for Justice and Real Peace -

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People before Profit Flawed Statement on RIRA Bomb Attack

Yesterday Eamonn McCann released the following statement about the type of politics possible in Ireland after the removal of the British and the two scum states they created on what they regard as John Bull's other island. Unfortunately the statement ignores the tragedy of the massive divisions created and cultivated in Ireland by the British for centuries, that makes working class unity impossible, as the pogroms in Belfast proved at the outset of the troubles.

People before Profit Statement on RIRA Bomb Attack
by EAMONN MC CANN FOR WESTMINSTER on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 8:03pm
People Before Profit Derry Press Statement on RIRA Bomb.

Last nights bombing of the Da Vinci's complex on Derry's Culmore Road was a reckless and divisive action by the Real IRA. Whatever reason the organisation gives for this attack it will simply not be good enough. We live in time of economic crisis with brutal Tory cuts in public spending about to be implemented by the Stormont Executive. Now more than ever we need people from all sections of the community to come together and fight back against these cuts and the privations caused by the greed of the crooked bankers and speculators who have caused the economic collapse.

People before Profit have worked hard to bring together people from every area of this city, attacks like last nights make this work more difficult and raise tensions unnecessarily. How can the RIRA seriously believe they can unite Ireland when their actions divide communities so much here? People before Profit are proudly opposed to militarism and para-militarism, we will continue to build a working class fight back against the cuts in our public services if they come from Stormont or Westminster.

The biggest issue facing people in the North of Ireland today is poverty, paramilitary groups through bombings and shootings do nothing to challenge this. Only a unified working class can challenge the situation we face and radically change Ireland. We condemn outright the actions of the RIRA last night and we appeal to them to stop these actions immediately.

David McAuley People before Profit Spokesperson 07521527208
Swp Galway and 25 others like this.

As an International Trotskyist there is much about Eamon McCann's analysis I generally agree with but to separate the cause of Labour from the division of Ireland's people of no property in territorial terms, cultural terms and sectarian terms, is putting the cart before the horse. It is not reality. All sane people want peace but unless it is accompanied by social justice it is is simply betrayal, to leave the people without proper leadership that can be trusted. Eamonn should know that Trotsky explained this very clearly in terms of working class leadership as regards who they can trust. Actions speak louder than words.

The Freedom Fighters who carried out yesterdays action, are part of that leadership from the PEOPLE OF NO PROPERTY, THE ONLY CLASS THAT CAN BE TRUSTED TO PROVIDE THAT LEADERSHIP AND PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR THE PEOPLE. Of course we want working class unity across the sectarian divide but the lessons of the past 40 years are that you cannot have compromised leadership, to achieve that ! McCann has a lot to offer Derry when class politics can run its natural course after the neo-colonialists are gone !

THE CAUSE petition of Facebook calls for Peace with Justice and it calls on you to support it and recruit at least 10 of your comrades. to make actions like yesterday unnecessary for everybody.

"The cause of Labour is the cause of Ireland and the cause of Ireland is the cause of Labour " James Connoly I ask you to join with me in a recruitment campaign to build a wordlwide lobby for Irish unification and the liberation of the Irish people of no property. It is not enough to say you want peace in Ireland there must be justice with removal of outside interference for a genuine peace. This group is not allied to any organization and it calls on you to pass it on and recruit your friends to build an unstoppable Irish lobby worldwide for a United Ireland of All Voices. Pass it on, ask your friends to join, get involved build the pyramid Position Irish Unity

IRELAND CALLS YOU Join the Cause for Justice and Real Peace -

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Derry Thirtytwo's Photos - Tory Party Conference -


DIASPORADOES; IRELAND CALLS YOU Join the Cause for Justice and Real Peace @ -

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A massive car bomb exploded in Derry city last night..The British call the Irish city London Derry, which causes considerable international confusion..See Link above for details.

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In an article by Tom Utley of the Telegraph, certain issues rarely
asked by the mainstream media about Gerry Adams, are addressed. He
starts the article as follows;

"I cannot make up my mind whether the latest issue of VIP magazine, a
sort of Irish version of Hello!, belongs on the top shelf with the
pornography or in the comedy section beside Private Eye and Viz.

The friend in Belfast whom I asked to buy it for me tells me that a
lady standing beside him in the newsagent's found it decidedly
obscene. She picked up a copy, glanced at it and threw it back on to
the shelf, exclaiming: "That's disgusting!" It is easy to see her

There was also something comic, in a very macabre way, about the whole
idea of Gerry Adams giving an interview to a Hello!-style celebrity

Private Eye came up with a similar idea not long ago, when it
published a spoof Hello! interview with Osama bin Laden: "Mr bin Laden
graciously invites us into his lovely cave" (or something like that).
The difference is that the VIP interview is entirely serious, written
without a suggestion of a tongue in the cheek.

The front page says of Adams: "The charismatic leader reveals the man
that few people know". Other features advertised include an interview
with Lord Mount Charles and his family "in their magnificent Slane
Castle" and an item on "the new face of Wonderbra".
The interview with Adams is written in the obsequious style of all
these celebrity magazines. We learn, for example, that Adams's teeth
"are a credit to a top-class orthodontist". His hands are "manicured
and are the hands of an artist". As for his clothes, "his clobber
these days smacks more of Armani than Burton".

Once, he was forbidden from entering England or the United States. But
all that is in the past. "Now, in the style of an international
statesman, writer and philosopher, he is welcomed by heads of state
worldwide." You couldn't make this stuff up.

On and on the interview goes, holding Adams up to be admired for his
love of wine, Irish poetry, jazz, opera and walking with his dogs (one
of them is a rottweiler, by the way, but the other, a "wee mongrel",
is the boss. Ain't that cute?)

"I personally think it's a great honour to be alive," he says."

Well that's the first thing Adams has ever said, that this writer
agrees with, he is definitely correct on that one.

Many women from Ireland's best-known republican families have spoken
about how they were sexually raped, by associates of Gerry
Adams. The child rapists are all now part of what is known on the
Irish street as the Paedo Party and all of the child rape and abuse
was covered up by Gerry Adams and his party for decade after decade
with the help of the British war machine.

A young grand-niece of former IRA chief Joe Cahill, said she was
repeatedly raped at the age of 16, by a prominent associate of Adams
in west Belfast.

The daughter of another IRA Belfast commander has also spoken out,
about how she was physically, mentally and sexually raped by yet
another associate, who is currently an elected representative of
Adam's Paedo Party. Both young women who were children when raped said
Gerry Adams was aware of their rape but failed to take action while he
was still covering up his own brother's rape of his four year old
daughter for many years, with the help of the occupying British
paramilitary police.

It is believed many republicans in west Belfast as a result, were
compromised and blackmailed by British intelligence, who also helped
the father of Gerry Adams, who was like his son, raping members of his
own family. Intense surveillance by the British during the troubles
produced thousands of rolls of film of the Adams family engaged in
child rape, along with more film of his friends and colleagues from
rural areas engaged in bestiality. The film was then used as blackmail
during interrogation, to recruit his associates for British purposes
in Occupied Ireland.

The British Monarchy and Imperial Rome still work hand in hand in
Occupied Ireland today, still encouraging child rape that has gone on
for centuries in Ireland, as all of their nobility found it an
excellent tool for controlling the restless natives aside from their
deviant decadence. Many cults were set up in Ireland by the British,
as a mechanisms for bonding and enlarging British areas of influence
on what they still regard as John Bull's other island.

It is now becoming apparent that the recent engineered failure of both
the Anglo-Irish bank and the Irish economy, paying above the normal
rates to British savers, was engineered through a web of child
sacrifice of Satanist cults for lenders and borrowers within the
circles of child rape and blackmailed secrecy of Ireland's
professional classes.It will bankrupt the Irish economy and enslave
the people of no property for generations, bailing out the privileged
British savers and billionaire bankers as Ireland is buried under a
mountain of debt and child rape, enabled by corrupt crony enabling

The British secret services of MI-5 and MI-6 have total control in all
areas of Irish life, from policing to the media. Coverage of the
scandal is strictly censored, with the result that an enabler like
Adams has become the President of the largest party. Child rape with
the help of the British, is politically correct in Ireland with
legislation in place, to facilitate enablers of child rape. In
civilized societies enabling child rape is regarded as a criminal
secondary act of abuse against children, punished by long prison

In Ireland parents of children, bizarrely vote for enablers of child
rape, because critics of it are censored, intimidated and opponents of
the Adam's paedo party are murdered while the voters buy the
unchallenged media propaganda.

There has been almost 40 years of war waged by the British, in the
latest phase of the troubles in Ireland, against the Irish people of
no property. It started with the murder by the British army of unarmed
civil rights marchers, against a one party state gerrymandered by the
British. It is still a one party state comprised of paedo parties of
both Kincora and west Belfast, exeuted on behalf of Her Majesty, by a
secret service MI-5 created Gerry Adamsed 'executive'.

We'll close with a further quote from Tom Utley of the corporate media mafia;

"One of the questions asked of Adams by his VIP interviewer was: "What
makes you cringe?" He replied: "I suppose when I make a mistake or
watch someone else in a situation digging a hole for themselves." But
anyone reading the article could give her a better answer. The lady in
the newsagent's was right. The interview is disgusting, and it belongs
on the top shelf with the porn."

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GERRY ADAMS HAS SO MANY MASTERS that he’s doing and jig 24 hours a day asking the Brits how high ?. His faithful cultists, kool-aid drinkers, entitlement cronies, gombeens, junkies, and clueless supporters will be first to be stabbed in the back again, if his past form is anything to go by…and they'll be last to realize it when Her Majesty's British minister's, cuts kick in.
The British own Adams, his ‘executive,’ and control of all of Ireland's policing via MI-5 north and south.With Child rape blackmail they control its professions, its education system, its media culture, and every other crucial piece of Ireland’s societal infrastructure. If Gerry Adams doesn’t play ball with the British, his political career is over.

Ireland voted for a ‘Paedo Process’ alright. The Addams family dog and pony show must have the Brits laughing their arses off from Thames House to Stormont to Palace barracks to Schumberg House.

DIASPORADOES; IRELAND CALLS YOU Join the Cause for Justice and Real Peace @ -


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DIASPORADOES; IRELAND CALLS YOU Join the Cause for Justice and Real Peace @ -


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