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Husband of @mcteacher1969, dad of 2. Conservative! Paramedic on offshore oil platform. Hobby photographer. Navy brat. Opinions are mine; RT ≠ endorsement. #TGDN

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#NTTAWWT RT : Yes, as a matter of fact I am eating grits for dinner.


The damn TV was rained out from halftime until just now. Can't wait to get home. #WHODAT #OilfieldLife

RT : Free speech for everybody! (Offer not valid in the Middle East)

RT : If you think Obama is the answer, you asked a stupid question.

This fast food worker is worth $15/hr! #FastFoodStrikes

NEVER AGAIN RT : Time to bring back the sad sacks? #WhoDat

Hey I found this great picture of your Falcons #riseup #whodat #NOvsATL

RT : Watching Dr Strangelove. Gen Ripper doesn't seem so crazy now.

This look… #Strangelove

Fine selection of reading material you've got there, doctor

A feeling shared across the #WhoDat Nation:

That's how we feel too, coach. #WhoDat #NOvsNE

No matter what… RT : I have FAITH. #SAINTS #whodatnation

Wasn't this guy in every one? RT : Why isn't there an Ancient Aliens marathon on?

Today makes 15 years since I've put this on with Melissa, I love you so much, and more every day!

With a photo… Carter. Navy submariner RT : Who was the last Democrat President with military experience?

Keep Calm! #saints

Proof men CAN focus on 2 things RT : What did the girl with big titties say? Actually, I can't remember.

Ahh… feeling the love!