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Golf with my main man . Yes, I'm short. Yes, I'm fat. Go!

Hey , look out for the homeless dude behind you. HE'S PACKING ETHER!

Little League coaches orientation tonight. Don't worry, I made sure greatness was represented.

My neighbor gets my vote for t-shirt of the millennium.

SPOILER ALERT! Don't ruin the ending for me, guys.

I'm 100 percent hetero, but I would let this man have his way with me. He has beautiful hair. FACT.

Here's a sexy pic of me urinating in the desert. HUMBLEBRAG!

How can a guy that unironically rocks this sweet look be so tragically undersexed? HUMBLEBRAG!

Sierra Nevada/The Abbey Ovila Saison #BEER

Top of the World, Laguna Beach. I feel like hell.

Yes, it's official. I am still 13-years-old.

Daddy's Little Helper*. *combined with certain doctor-recommended, ahem, "herbal" remedies - FACT.

My life will not be complete until some forces sex upon me in this vehicle.

I nearly got cougared. FACT.

Hey , I think I found your douchier doppelganger. Douchelganger.

I totally forgot to tell you guys that I ran into Shirley Hemphill this weekend. Looking good!

I'm partial to red. RT : and can start a checkered Vans museum.

BRUTAL commute to the Chargers game.

BRUTAL commute to watch MY Chargers.

Lagunitas Lucky 13 Anniversary Ale. Hope this gets Mrs. Beckner in the mood for a Lucky 3½. #BEER