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If my life were an episode of Scrubs, this would be my inner monologue.

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The woman with the rubber glove was surprisingly gentle. #nextstopLA #theressomethingonthewing

My mini-golf competition for the afternoon. #gottagetmygamefaceon

I'm home. #brewers

Simba has arrived at the Vilas Zoo!

This equals a very good first night back in Madison. #Brats&Crochet4Ever

This plus....


I knew Minneapolis was rundown but I had no idea it was this bad.

Groom's party pictures at Target Field

Looks like someone took a wrong turn somewhere. #pasadenamarathon #iPhonescantzoomwell

I failed at teaching my guys how to ask a girl to prom, therefore we're having an anti-prom at City Walk.

Celebrating #frappyhour with the YL dudes.

Celebrating #frappyhour with the YL dudes.

Biggest YL club ever!

Poor bird.

We came, we saw, we conquered. #dancinintherain6flags011

My ride. #dancinintherain6flags011

Get a room. #dancinintherain6flags011

We are in line for our first coaster and Robbie is already crying. #dancinintherain6flags011

Prepare to be dominated #dancinintherain6flags011