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Ohhh boy! The rest of 's CHRISTMAS present is finally here!!!! Gett excited sissy :) #sisterlove

Ohhhh no! phone looks so lonely :(

Look at hard at work. Gotta love finals. #sorryimsobored #cantfocus

Working concession stand with Gromes and ! #11in11 #raidernation

Looking good ;)

Oh you know just sitting with a Charles Dickens person. Don't worry it's as #creepy as it seems.

Ohhh hey #BruceJenner action figure at an antique store.

Arnold Palmer with a crazy straw?? Don't mind if I do.

Haven't had one of these in forever! Be jealous !

Just a normal page of notes, nbd. #athletictrainingstudentproblems #handcramp

It's been a long time since we've seen him on the ice. #welcomebacksid

Big ass baked potato!!!


This is why I love !!! #bestfriends

Well hello there ;)

Yuppppp that's sleeping in the back of an ambulance. Maybe you shouldn't play so much Madden...

Loving Christmas album! So glad it's Christmas music time! #underthemistletoe

Yupp this is normal for her. #happyhalloween