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Ugh knows JUST how to fuck with me!!!

Awwww! My coworker gave me this Ke$ha fanny pack! Should I rock this next week?

Jealous of this lady's lanyard. #SPICEUPYOURLIFE

This dude is ignoring the lady he's dining with to stare into a mirror...that's reflecting How I Met Your Mother. SMDH

Ahhhhh my custom Disney World maps arrived!! I'm hyperventilating.

Went to the mall for vegan lunch and this chick sits next to us to have her lunch....chips and two bowls of guac.

OMG "Together Again" with Janet + Michael photos. So amazing.

At my coworker's housewarming. His view. #envyisntcutebuticanthelpit

Internet went down at work, so some people are gathered around my desk to watch Till The World Ends.

Almost to ! Mimosas ready to go.

Yeah this is happening

HAHAHHAA miceage really had me going for a sec... I love April fools

My cousin's desktop is.........himself. LOL

haha my mom just cracked me up

Wow, Walgreens knows what's up.

Pet peeve #428: bubble lids on iced coffee drinks

Drag Queens talking and shit before BRITNEY OMGAWWWWW

These pigeons on my ledge have 30 seconds to vacate before I beat on the glass with my fist. #deathtoaves