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Took Rocco to the vet for his rabies shot and anal gland emptying. My poor bb

First tweet from new iPhone. Testing pic upload speed. Farewell, old iPhone.

Rofl tower of terror. Good picture today.

Rifles and tasers and mace, oh my! Lots of police activity at the Arclight.

One more pic from the ~*red carpet

Managed to snap a pic of Will Ferrel before being swiftly ushered off. :/

Did I just make a chicken & lentil scramble? Why yes, yes I did.

LOL @ this note: OR WHAT?!

Also, let's play one last round: where am I in Disneyland?


Ok, attempting to resume the game. I tried to be more obscure, where in Disneyland am I?

You guys are too good! Yeah, it was Pirates of the Caribbean!

Next one! Where am I in Disneyland? (this one is kinds easy)

It was Haunted Mansion :) next one coming up later.

GAME TIME! Where am I in Disneyland?

Yayayay fireworks! I am so excited for the new show, though.