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I'm @PuroSanAntonio. I don't like pants & I was once radioactive. #GoSpursGo

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I cut several inches of hair today, but don't think it made a difference since it's so long.

Well... shit. This is what rain did to my backyard.

Made it with a few minutes to spare. I avoided the cucuy, but the mosquitos had their way with me.

Why my family rocks: bday party for includes a home brewing lesson.

New submission for 4 spaces? Really?

Surprise visit from my little brother! He's not so little anymore. :-\

Well done, Saint Arnold.

Lit a candle for you, lit a candle for me, lit a candle for us.

Is there a correct way to fix a loose bed frame? 'Cause this seemed like a good idea.

Get my (immature) sense of humor from my mom, apparently. She sent a "Haha" text from the aquarium in San Francisco.

Splash pad at Ft Sam. Never been here before.

Told my sis I'd make a quicker version of tortilla soup tonight. Still managed to make 5 gallons worth. Oops.

Question - what is this growing on my fence, and what is that eating it?

My WTF moment of the day: went home during lunch & found 2 toothbrushes in a Ziploc bag on my door.

That's a lot of ass.

Finally! It's been defeated.

Last full day. I'm not going to want to go back to work.

Fruit salad for dinner. Vodka makes a great dressing.

There goes the turtle, off to turtle rehab. Guy that picked him up looked like the hippie doc from Independence Day.