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Passenger aboard Southwest jet in Denver captures shot of light pole broken by plane - via S. Saint Vincent

  • 1725 days ago via site
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Photo from editor of journalists and members of the public standing in line ahead of phone-hacking hearing in London

  • 1921 days ago via site
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Here she is: 2010 Best in Show, Sadie

  • 2438 days ago via site
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In case you were wondering, here's a photo of Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti's 'L’Homme Qui Marche 1' (Walking Man I). (Credit: Carl de Souza / AFP - Getty Images)

  • 2452 days ago via site
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Japanese man catches 22 pound, 4 oz largemouth bass, tying 77-year-old world record, says International Game Fish Assoc.

  • 2478 days ago via site
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Obama, in this photo released by the White House, shows the president talking with a U.S. service member in Afghanistan.

  • 2521 days ago via site
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Clashes between Brazilian police and drug traffickers turn Rio de Janeiro into chaos. (Photo: Folha Online)

  • 2561 days ago via site
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CNN shows a possible object falling from the balloon.

  • 2563 days ago via site
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President Barack Obama holds a strategy review on Afghanistan in the Situation Room of the White House. (Official photo)

  • 2578 days ago via site
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First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama meet with the Crown Prince and Princess of the Netherlands in the White House.

  • 2596 days ago via site
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Casket carrying body of Sen. Kennedy is taken from family home on Cape Cod for trip to Boston.

  • 2612 days ago via site
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Lockerbie bomber, wearing white clothes and a white cap, boards plane in Glasgow to return home.

  • 2619 days ago via site
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7:15 am local - Votes are cast in Jalalabad city.

Photo credit: Tilak Pokharel (UNAMA).

  • 2619 days ago via site
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Gibson, who gained fame as the world's tallest dog, has died in California. And big he was.

  • 2627 days ago via site
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A possible suspect is being sought in the case of missing Madeleine McCain.

  • 2633 days ago via site
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Sam the Koala, the photo which made him famous. Photo: CBC

  • 2633 days ago via site
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President Obama, Professor Henry Gates and Srgt. James Crowley toast at start of "Beer Summit." (official White House photo)

  • 2639 days ago via site
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"Beer diplomacy" at the White House.

  • 2640 days ago via site
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Source: Iran's Press TV

  • 2646 days ago via site
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White House photo - President Obama talks with Judge Sotomayor on Sunday morning, July 12, 2009.

  • 2658 days ago via site
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