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Artist and Nerd: Giant robots, catgirls, dinosaurs, video games, beer, comics.

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I doodled while I was in the woods this weekend.

  • 1888 days ago via site
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Rocketpowered Dilophosaurus! BAM!!

  • 1926 days ago via site
  • 79

Holy moley, this one piece is gonna be nuts...

  • 1929 days ago via site
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You guys who aren't watching my Livestreams are missing out, for sure! This is what I'm working on....

  • 1931 days ago via site
  • 65

DASTARDLY ALLOSAURUS! He's going to tie you to a railway.

  • 1932 days ago via site
  • 74

I think I just just draw everyone kind of disgruntled looking. BUT I GUESS THATS HOW I FEEL. GET OFF MY LAWN.

  • 1932 days ago via site
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Lambeosaurus! Not related to lambs.

  • 1935 days ago via site
  • 30

Hypsilophodon! Tiny little harmless mofo. Don't be scared. #dinosaurs

  • 1936 days ago via site
  • 47

Baryonyx, minus fish. THERE'S LIKE, ALWAYS A FISH. But not this time. No fish for you, bitey man.

  • 1937 days ago via site
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The Scythian, from that amazing #sworcery game. (mild artistic interpritation) , check it out. :o

  • 1938 days ago via site
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Stegosaurus' smaller, way more hardcore cousin. Kentrosaurus. SPIKES! SPIKES! SPIKES!

  • 1939 days ago via site
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BEHOLD CARNOTAURUS. Derpiest derp to ever derpiderp. Look at those baby arms. AWWWW! At least he had FOUR fingers!

  • 1941 days ago via site
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Here's a mildly accurate Velociraptor. What, you WEREN'T expecting a giant chicken? YOU ARE DEAD TO ME. Goodbye.

  • 1942 days ago via site
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I got a HAIR CUT, so I made a new scowly face picture. SCOWL SCOWL SCOWL.

  • 1942 days ago via site
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Ok, here's that thing I was working on last night for sans text. I'm still messing with that part.

  • 1943 days ago via site
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I can't believe this was the last finished piece of personal art I did. About year ago. I am ashamed.

  • 1943 days ago via site
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LOOK I FINISHED IT! Hur hur hur hur hur.

  • 1943 days ago via site
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Ok, I need a quick break from this drawing, before I die laughing... holy fuck. #dinosaurs

  • 1944 days ago via site
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Holy shit, this thing for is probably one of the silliest things I've drawn in ages. CANT. STOP. LAUGHING

  • 1944 days ago via site
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Here's a preview of what I'm working on. Damn armor plated monsters!!!

  • 1944 days ago via site
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