I like design & bacon. #GraphicDesign #Branding #Art #VideoGames And no, I won't photoshop you... Not for free anyway.

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This door has always creeped out, the pattern in the wood looks like scary girl in The Ring

I love these cookies

*crosses fingers* please seal, please seal...

She loves Fable III just as much as I do.

I bought mine a nice comfy bed...look where he sleeps instead. Thankfully the other two like fluff.

Why does this vase at the Chop House look like a hairy leg?

This cat keeps putting her toy duck in the water dish. Now I have to dry it out... #cats #pets

You would like this!!!!

He has a fancy fluffy bed and where does he decide to sit and an effin box. Cats...

Someone drowned the duck.

me too. This right here pissed me off.

he moved. Now he's laying there like look at my paw....

Strawberry flavored gummy bacon!?!

I could eat cheesy potatoes everyday. And this picture from Sunday makes me want some now.

Why include the eraser if it doesn't work with the included leads!?!

So I bought a mechanical pencil set that come with colored leads. And what does the crap say on the back...

The joys of homeownership.

This made me laugh


I took this photo of her with her money a while back