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So far no good.

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"If things go tits up, I will kick a panda in the bollocks." Karl #AnIdiotAbroad3

Please don't die, you're my hero.

Please don't die, you're my hero.

Do you remember being on top of the world?

She can't help herself. #CuddleFest

Douche chills upon entering Belk.

This shit is big time.

Thank u again I still worship your no having kids advice! #foundAGirlWithNoKids

Cold to go.

Jesus Christ, I think we did it! Spinach, broccoli, carrots, walnuts & almond milk! #Nutriblast #BrainCandy

Oh no he didn't

RT "what's up Barry?!"

Shhiiittt. You already know.


A shark in someone's yard in #NewJersey. #Sandy

Not a bad Halloween costume. Not bad at all.

I'm all hopped up on "The Hulk": Spinach, avocado & other fruits smoothie. #Nutribullet

Do you think Dee Snyder's sister is twisted?

your sister is pretty twisted.

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