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an 69 year old cat lady. i enjoy peeing in pools,licking my Justin Bieber poster, and watching Toddlers in Tiaras.

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My mom is the only one that I've texted today.. Wow.
Text me. (325)232-3500

11:11 came on pandora this morning!(:

Ahahaha! #FlashbackFriday my nigga bein his gay self!


I've only texted my mom today. #LonerStatus..

Me and this bitch (;

Just remember when you need a ride anywhere. Bitch.

WTF?! how is this related to #OVOXO?!

Meet my sexy boyfriend.. @
His name is #Spalding.

HAHA found the notes mckenna made about me and #oomf...#awkward

Stupid hoes be following me..

And this...i believed #oomf too..

I remember when #oomf tested me this...#awkward

told you she poses in her sports bras..

. ....

Cascarones!(: i think of and when i see these!(:

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