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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

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Arrow. Hes 4.RT : What's this horse's name?

My current view.

Shootin new video content for the big screens in the show on the h20 tour. Here's wooden mannequin BP. Sexy.

Started 2 sign the labels that go inside the new Gibson BPsignature model acoustics. That's a big moment right there.

Started signing the labels that go inside my signature model Gibson acoustic. Surreal. Truly 1 of those"U made it" moments.Crazy

Out picking up some last minute items, gearin' up for the big h20 tour.

Pancake 5 special Easter limited edition: Velocirabbit.

Pancake 4: baby triceratops

Pancake 3: spinosaurus aegypticus

Pancake 2: tyranosaurus Rex

Pancake 1:diplodocus

Indianapolis. Looking at Lucas Oil Stadium- look close at the WV logo on the right side. What a sight. Here we go.

Took this picture at our pond today. Frog porn. Yeah baby. Take that Miss Piggy.

In celebration, here's the current condition of my couch.

But, um,.....

Ahem. testing...testing...we now pause for station identification...


Jurrassic Art, by B. Paisley. Sculpture in Bisquick,circa2010.Currently showing @ the Mrs.Butterworth Gallery,Paris,TN.

Taking the gift away now. Bad idea. Unfortunately he's already a published photographer 18 minutes in...

You know what they say,"buy a kid an UsWeekly,it's about a $2.95gift. But teach a kid to work for UsWeekly..."