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Former TV reporter, now writer, traveler, husband, & father dabbling in music, running, cooking, & poker. Self-loathing w/ bursts of relentless optimism

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Rowdy to get Kickstarter reward pack from , makers of The Ballad of . Now rowdy to watch it.

There are browser error messages, and then there are simply insulting browser error messages.

Hey, Cali, you alright?

Passed on a work trip & friends trip to be home for opening weekend. Good thing because this was a day I won’t forget

Spent Wed taking pics of #1 tennis & #1 poker player in the world. Got home in time to see my #1’s opening day fest

To wit: I took this picture of a jerky baby goat standing in a window five years ago. It still makes me laugh.

How much did the Hailey Owens case ( affect my hometown? This is the front page today.

My southern dogs’ ancestors come from the great white north, so I shouldn’t be surprised they dig the snow so much

Dammit. Just dammit. We’ll miss you

Just in case you manage.

Just need Bob to sing while I run this up the pole.

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone else when we're uncool.”

We’re number 1! We’re number 1!

Denver Broncos team meeting tomorrow.

Packing for 10th consecutive PCA. Found this from my 1st in ’05. + G-Rob

Frost-topped trees at one of my happy places this morning.

It has just occurred to me that Morrison looked like this toward the end. It’s all making much more sense now.

Started shivering at my desk. Thought I was dying. Left office to determiner my wife had turned on the AC.

Local antique shop quilts are off-putting, no matter how not-Nazi they are.

Just shipped this to Aggie fan who I suspect will look lovely in gold. Pics forthcoming. #Mizzou