Bradley Millsteed


Operating a quality assured family farm in Watheroo, WA. Focused on producing grain, merino sheep and poll hereford cattle.

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Hay, here comes the hay, #barootawonder, up up n away!

last of the mace is now up and away! Um Huey, catch up again soon eh? want to have a day together next week?

and then we wait.......

#cockylikestocook cranked out the camp oven #primepollherefordribs

Mace wheat where filmed "Seeding" a fortnight ago

Agmaster boot comparison, twin seeker LHS standard RHS

Mace wheat where shot his clip "Seeding"

Dalkeith sub clover sown this year on Apr 29.

the Agmaster Twin Row Seeker boot.

same paddock, but just original agmaster single boots. Stingray still @ 5kg

canola seeded with the twin seeker boots. Stingray @ 5Kg.

hope this pic shows it up but the 2 "heavier" looking strips are the Agmaster Twin Seeker boots.

last headland of mace for #crop14. Small patch of hay to go, and its sorted.


thanks Huey, much appreciated. #dontstoptillugetenough

cool, we've got canola growing in the interrow, oh wait, hang on, that's not canola. #radish

oh deere, bit foggy this morning!

Huey, I do hope these ants aren't going to all this work for no reason? #needarain

that time when u really wish u hadn't talked urself out of using propyzamide, yeah that time....