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How does it feel (x8) How does it feel to hear your songs on the radio?

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I've seen some sick things on the Internet but to use someone's miscarriage to promote yourself is FUCKING DISGUSTING

Dear Christ, if anyone sends me one of these I will kill them

Look what's trending today

Cheryl Cole's cover for her new, hilariously named, album is beyond amazing. Horrific design at its best/worst

This Turn Left artwork is fantastic.

Proof, if it were needed, that I work with the biggest bunch of idiotic morons ever

The only song that will get me out of bed today:


I. Am. A. Pig.

I. Want. This.

Knock yourself out

My keyboard has GINGER PUBES ON IT! I actually feel sick

Marks & Spencer, it's still September, please sort it out.


Captain America filming on my road. They've erected a fake wall, painted as a New York backstreet

Reason #1 my childhood was unhappy: My mother never let me gave this wallpaper

I think this picture of me as a child may capture the precise moment Satan entered me and turned me into a faggot

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