Very small person. Easily baffled. Callipygian flibbertigibbert. Made from fluff and nonsense.

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Oh crumbs! It really does look cross doesn't it?

Oh crumbs! It does look really cross doesn't it?

Little bit...

Little bit...


Why are you in the nuddy AGAIN? #itsfortwitter

Tsk! There. Better?

Bit harsh to say I enjoyed it. I almost certainly didn't take a screen shot either.

You've not what? *Baffled face* Since 1740. 1740!!



So anyway I'm shit at sunny weather.

Wonderful, magical Sports Direct Mug. Oh how I love thee. #SDM

This changes the whole game people. It's a fecking PANDA FLEECE.

Hope this is on your list.

We're having another fabulous week. The boy's leg now looks like this having been bitten by something at school.

It was indeed time for a beverage.


But I'm hiding behind his sofa. Won't that give me away?