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Talk to me ya'll, I put's it down!

Look at this niGGa doned fucked around & messed the caGe all up now I have to re-do it!

Nephew Christmas Polo outfit except for he Got the Butter's on his feet

Told you I like when clit pierced! Lol

Say Hello to Ms. Jacksonville Florida who now resides in Durham, NC ;-) lol

Like this one she's from Cali #AssSoPhatNeed a lap dance!

This what they mad at! Lol...they want GLOC & Bucc but real niGGaz don't fuck with bitch niGGaz! Lmao

I was younG af! Lol

Lmao...I can't say nothinG cause we were at church, buut dizzamn! Lmao

#AveryJohnson lookinG like a fruity ass water buG! Lol

Damn I was happy as fuck riGht? Lol...Got drowned like a mf that niGht! I went deep sea divinG

What up? Lol...I look like a fuckinG mantice old project ass neGro! Lol

Who this bummy lil smart ass niGGa!?!? NiGGa ears look like he can fly to the moon! Lol

Lmao...my biG bro Chop with that silly ass duck shirt on, me old navy to th feet

Me & Nephew! He stay tryinG to be like me #Piece

ole Pookie from New Jack City lookinG ass niGGa! Lmao


#nephew & #biGbro